Bobby Reynolds

Cherryville Post 100 coach Bobby Reynolds visits the mound during a game last year.  Reynolds and other area coaches are hoping for an American Legion Baseball season. 


With the American Legion Baseball season just around the corner, many are wondering what discussions have taken place and what plans have been made should the opening of the season be delayed.

On Friday, March 20, the American Legion headquarters emailed out a memo stating that American Legion Baseball is suspended until further notice due to the coronavirus.  

Many teams across the country have indicated that they would not be participating in the 2020 baseball season due to the virus, and even some states appear to be passing on the upcoming season.

At this point, North Carolina is not one of those states.  

State Chairman Mark Cauble has asked the four Area Commissioners in North Carolina to provide information from each of their teams to send to national headquarters and to the American Commission for a proposed plan if and when the suspension is lifted.

Area IV Commissioner Jerry Hudson, in turn, sent out the request to each team’s athletic officers, coaches and post commanders.

What the state needs to send to the national headquarters to request to play once the suspension is lifted is, (1)How many posts are willing to sponsor and support their team in a shortened season?  And (2)How many teams want to participate in a shortened season?

The information gathered will then be presented at a meeting on April 8 to determine the amount of interest of teams across the state.  If a plan is proposed to play a shortened season in North Carolina, it would still only take place if the “Stay at Home” order is lifted by Governor Roy Cooper.  Safety is still the most important factor.

The American Legion Baseball season generally begins around the third week of May for Area IV teams.  It appears to be a given that the date will at a minimum be pushed back.

The North Carolina American Legion Baseball State Tournament is tentatively set for late July in Kings Mountain.


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