WL Laycee Hoffman

West Lincoln’s Laycee Hoffman was recently named the South Fork 2A Conference Player of the Year in women’s golf.

The South Fork 2A recently released the women’s All-Conference team for the Spring 2021 season, and leading the way with three selections was conference champion West Lincoln.

Reese Coltrane and Leah Matney, along with the conference Player of the Year Laycee Hoffman were named to the All-Conference squad following the Lady Rebels first-place finish.

East Lincoln placed a pair on the All-SF2A team. Kyla Callahan and Sophia Laliberte were the Lady Mustangs representatives.

In addition to Hoffman’s POY award, West Lincoln head coach Matthew Lytton received the South Fork 2A Conference Coach of the Year award after leading the Lady Rebels to another conference championship.

The full SF2A All-Conference team is listed below.

West Lincoln: Laycee Hoffman, Reese Coltrane, Leah Matney.

East Lincoln: Kyla Callahan, Sophia Laliberte.

Newton-Conover: Camryn Lamp, Sondra Uon.

Lake Norman Charter: Tess Palmer.

Player-of-the-Year: Laycee Hoffman - West Lincoln.

Coach-of-the-Year: Matthew Lytton - West Lincoln.

(Published May 5, 2021)

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