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The North Lincoln boys and girls cross-country teams swept the county meet last week in Pumpkin Center.

The Knights’ Angie Allen took first place in the girls race with a time of 17:47.45, followed by teammate Bella Wood. Lincolnton’s Katherine Hopkins finished third in the event.

North Lincoln dominated the boys race with the first 12 runners to cross the finish line.

Miles Phillips (15:04.14) edged out teammate Jacob Scott (15:06.24) to win the event, followed by Jared Campbell in the third-place spot.

The Lincoln County teams are scheduled to participate in the South Fork 2A Conference Meet on Wednesday, January 6 at North Lincoln High School.

Girls Results (Top 15)

1)Angie Allen (NL)

2)Bella Wood (NL)

3)Katherine Hopkins (L)

4)Lori Glavan (NL)

5)Cara Castro (NL)

6)Emily Laramie (NL)

7)Kelbi Pierce (NL)

8)Paulina Boardman (NL)

9)Cagney Brusso (NL)

10)Halle Rogers (NL)

11)Grace Carroll (WL)

12)Jillian Mawyer (WL)

13)Sydney Kiser (NL)

14)Ava Lamont (NL)

15)Ashlynn Eurey (WL)

Girls Team Results

North Lincoln 15

West Lincoln 50


*East Lincoln was unable to participate

Boys Results (Top 20)

1)Miles Phillips (NL)

2)Jacob Scott (NL)

3)Jared Campbell (NL)

4)Joseph Quilla (NL)

5)Noah Carter (NL)

6)Stephen Fernetti (NL)

7)Logan Helms (NL)

8)Ethan Davis (NL)

9)Mack Viverette (NL)

10)Alex Bradley (NL)

11)Jord. Schlossman (NL)

12)Mirko Glavan (NL)

13)Andy Saine (WL)

14)Connor Bagwell (NL)

15)Austin Szykula (NL)

16)Connor Risse (NL)

17)Nate Belcher (L)

18)Evan Hartzoe (WL)

19)Michael Pavel (NL)

20)Emer. Viverette (NL)

Boys Team Results

North Lincoln 15

West Lincoln 55

Lincolnton 75

*East Lincoln was unable to participate

(Published December 28, 2020)

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