North Lincoln Baseball

North Lincoln’s baseball state championship helped earn the school a fourth-place finish in the 2018-19 Wells Fargo Cup 2A standings.  East Lincoln was ninth in the state, and Lincoln Charter was tenth in the 1A Cup standings.  


North Lincoln, East Lincoln and Lincoln Charter all finished the school year in the top 10 of the Wells Fargo Cup standings in their respective classification.

North Lincoln placed fourth overall in the 2A standings for the entire school year, trailing only Croatan, fellow South Fork 2A Conference member Lake Norman Charter and Carrboro.  East Lincoln finished ninth in the 2A standings, giving the SF2A three of the top ten spots in North Carolina.

Croatan, the 2A Wells Fargo Cup champion, edged Lake Norman Charter by just five points, 515 to 510.  Croatan finished the spring sports season with a second-place finish in men’s track, a third-place finish in men’s lacrosse for 2A playoff entrants and a tied fifth-place finish in women’s soccer.  Croatan earned the State Cup on the strength of individual sports performances. The Cougars won a State Championship in men’s indoor track, while finishing as state runner-up in men’s swimming, wrestling, and men’s outdoor track.

Lincoln Charter finished tenth in the Cup’s 1A standings with 307.5 points.  First-place Community School of Davidson held a 47.5-point margin over Pine Lake Prep, followed by East Surry in the third spot.  

CSD secured a State Championship in men’s golf and were the top 1A finisher in the men’s lacrosse playoffs. Community School of Davidson finished as the state runners-up in men’s soccer, and the Spartans were solid across many sports, earning points in men’s and women’s cross country, volleyball, men’s basketball, men’s indoor track, men’s and women’s swimming.

Wells Fargo Cup points are determined by a system based on performance in state championship events. All schools that finish in the top eight positions (plus ties) earn points. In the playoff events involving teams from more than one classification, Wells Fargo Cup points are awarded based on the school’s standing against other schools in its own classification. If fewer than eight schools from a classification compete in a sport, only those schools that are represented are eligible to receive the Cup points.

Points are awarded for all sports as follows: 50 for first, 45 for second, 40 for third, 35 for fourth, 30 for fifth, 25 for sixth, 20 for seventh and 15 for eighth. In the event of a tie, the schools receive an equal number of points based on the number of teams that tie and the number of teams that finish higher in the standings. Five points are awarded for each sanctioned sport in which a school competes.

2A Wells Fargo Cup Final Standings

1 – Croatan – 515

2 – Lake Norman Charter – 510

3 – Carrboro – 460

4 – North Lincoln – 412.5

5 –N.C. School of Science & Math – 387.5

6 – First Flight – 375

T7 – Salisbury – 297.5

T7 – Durham School of the Arts – 297.5

9 – East Lincoln – 287.5

10 – North Davidson – 255

1A Wells Fargo Cup Final Standings

1 – Comm. School of Davidson – 447.5

2 – Pine Lake Preparatory – 400

3 – East Surry – 382.5

4 – Franklin Academy – 377.5

5 – Murphy – 372.5

6 – Raleigh Charter – 370

7 – Polk County – 365

8 – Bishop McGuinness – 350

9 – Research Triangle – 340

10 – Lincoln Charter – 307.5

Wells Fargo Conference Cup

East Lincoln is the South Fork 2A Conference Cup Champion after a very close race thanks to a men’s tennis championship and second-place finishes in softball and women’s soccer. In second place was North Lincoln with a tied first-place finish in baseball and a men’s track championship. Lake Norman Charter finished in third place with a women’s soccer championship to highlight their spring.  South Fork Athletic 2A Conference Standings: East Lincoln 119, North Lincoln 117, Lake Norman Charter 116, Maiden 93, West Lincoln 86, Bandys 80, Newton-Conover 72, Lincolnton 57.

Lincoln Charter took home the Southern Piedmont 1A Conference Cup thanks to championships in men’s tennis, men’s golf, women’s soccer and men’s track. In second place was Highland Tech with a women’s track championship. Thomas Jefferson came in third place with second-place finishes in men’s golf and men’s tennis. Southern Piedmont 1A Conference Standings: Lincoln Charter 133, Highland Tech 124, Thomas Jefferson 123, Cherryville 104, Bessemer City 92, Piedmont Charter 59.

The Wells Fargo Conference Cup is a companion to the Wells Fargo Cup and recognizes schools with the best overall interscholastic athletic performances within individual conferences. Wachovia, and now Wells Fargo, has sponsored the conference awards program since 1980. In most conferences, points are awarded based on participation and standings in conference play. Each conference determines its own method of awarding points. 


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