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West Lincoln’s team of Alexis Gamble, Taylor Church, Gwyn Reep and Chloe Ayers won the 4x100 Relay event at Wednesday’s Lincoln County track meet.


The North Lincoln boys and the East Lincoln girls were winners at Wednesday’s Lincoln County Track Meet, with the Knights taking first place with 134 points and the Lady Mustangs taking the girls’ meet with a score of 93.5.

Jake Soorus won three events for North Lincoln, finishing first in the Long Jump, Discus and Shot Put.  The Knights’ Jason Risse took first place in the 400 and 800-Meter runs.

East Lincoln’s Michaela Gammon and North Lincoln’s Olivia Correa were also winners in three events.  Gammon finished first in the 800, 1600 and 3200-Meter runs, and Correa won the 100-Meter Hurdles, along with the Triple Jump and Pole Vault.

East Lincoln’s Hope Hembree was first in the 400-Meter Dash and 300-Meter Hurdles.  

Lincolnton’s Emily Shain won the Discus and Shot Put events, and Kayla Smith of Lincolnton took first place in the 100 and 200-Meter Dashes.

A list of top finishers is below.


100-Meter Dash: James Woods (L) 11.34, Jake Soorus (NL) 11.34, Samuel Brady (NL) 11.64.

200-Meter Dash: Jalen Ward (NL) 23.74, Landon Beard (NL) 23.74, Langdon McCall (NL) 24.34.

400-Meter Dash: Jason Risse (NL) 53.94, Jalen Ward (NL) 54.14, Austin Greene (EL) 55.54.

800-Meter Run: Jason Risse (NL) 2:01.70, Johnny Grant (NL) 2:04.30; Miles Phillips (NL) 2:07.70.

1600-Meter Run: Daniel Hopkins (L) 4:30.30, Johnny Grant (NL) 4:33.10, Miles Phillips (NL) 4:36.50.

3200-Meter Run: Alec Nguyen (NL)10:19.30, Alex Wulfhurst (NL) 10:36.00, Holden McLaughlin (NL) 11:02.90.

110-Meter Hurdles: Langdon McCall (EL) 17.24, Zack Smith (L) 17.24, Xander Pendergrass (WL) 17.64. 

300-Meter Hurdles: Landon Beard (NL) 42.54, Zack Smith (L) 44.34, Hunter Leonhardt (WL) 46.24.

4x100M Relay: North Lincoln 44.54, Lincolnton 46.54.

4x200M Relay: Lincolnton 1:38.10, East Lincoln 1:39.40.

4x400M Relay: North Lincoln 3:43.30, East Lincoln 3:56.20.

4x800M Relay: North Lincoln 8:48.20, East Lincoln 9:20.40.

High Jump: Quentin Smith (EL) 6-04.00, Jessie Hatcher (WL) 5-08.00, Bailey Hedgepeth (WL) 5-02.00.

Long Jump: Jake Soorus (NL) 20-11.00, Samuel Brady (NL) 19-09.50, Quentin Smith (EL) 19-09.00.

Triple Jump: Kobe Thomas (EL) 44-07.00, Quentin Smith (EL) 40-09.50, Samuel Brady (NL) 40-01.00.

Pole Vault: Alex Schmerber (NL) 11-00.00.

Discus: Jake Soorus (NL) 167-03.00, Landon Beard (NL) 123-02.00, Ty Castro (NL) 114-05.00. 

Shot Put: Jake Soorus (NL) 50-07.00, Brock Steele (WL) 39-02.00, Jason Isenhour (NL) 37-01.00.

Boys Team Scores

North Lincoln   134

East Lincoln   64

Lincolnton   35

West Lincoln   29


100-Meter Dash: Kayla Smith (L) 12.54, Ania Mayner (NL) 13.04, Gwenyth Reep (WL) 13.54. 

200-Meter Dash: Kayla Smith (L) 26.64, Ania Mayner (NL) 27.64, Natasha Hall (EL) 29.34. 

400-Meter Dash: Hope Hembree (EL) 1:06.14, Ania Mayner (NL) 1:06.74, Grace Parnell (NL) 1:08.24.

800-Meter Run: Michaela Gammon (EL) 2:32.70, Alyssa Galvin (NL) 2:40.20, Shay Rooney (NL) 2:41.30.

1600-Meter Run: Michaela Gammon (EL) 5:21.20, Alyssa Galvin (NL) 5:29.70, Shay Rooney (NL) 5:47.60.

3200-Meter Run: Michaela Gammon (EL) 12:27.20, Regan Lang (NL) 13:14.60, Olivia Humphrey (EL) 13:18.20.

100-Meter Hurdles: Olivia Correa (NL) 18.94, Gwenyth Reep (WL) 19.64, Hope Hembree (EL) 21.04. 

300-Meter Hurdles: Hope Hembree (EL) 55.04, Marlene Delgado (EL) 55.24, Alyssa Galvin (NL) 58.34.

4x100M Relay: West Lincoln 54.64, North Lincoln 55.54.

4x200M Relay: North Lincoln 1:59.40, West Lincoln 2:01.30.

4x400M Relay: North Lincoln 4:37.30, East Lincoln 4:49.50.

4x800M Relay: North Lincoln 10:48.50, East Lincoln 11:18.50.

High Jump: Chloe Elmore (WL) 5-00.00, Emma Matz (EL) 5-00.00, Lauren Taylor (EL) 4-08.00.

Long Jump: Kayla Jackson (EL) 13-10.00, Sydney Baucom (WL) 13-09.50, Halee Reinhardt (WL) 13-09.00. 

Triple Jump: Olivia Correa (NL) 34-10.00, Payton Turner (NL) 32-03.00, Lauren Taylor (EL) 31-06.50.  

Pole Vault: Olivia Correa (NL) 6-06.00. 

Discus: Emily Shain (L) 98-02.00, Taryn Giles-Robinette (EL) 88-04.00, Anne Davin (NL) 78-09.00.

Shot Put: Emily Shain 42-10.00, Amara Giles-Robinette (EL) 29-02.00, Taryn Giles-Robinette (EL) 25-09.00.  

Girls Team Scores

East Lincoln   93.5

North Lincoln   91

West Lincoln   44

Lincolnton   33.5


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