Fall Sports Photos 2019

Last fall, high school athletics were in full swing.  There are high hopes that the fall sports season will be played in full.  That is yet to be determined.  


The North Carolina High School Athletic Association announced last week in an email that the dead period that has been in place since March 13 due to Covid-19 will end on June 1.

But before high school athletes can begin summer workouts, state and local leaders must give the ok to do so, and then county and city school systems would also have to give their seal of approval.

The email from the NCHSAA read, “After consulting with superintendents across the state, it was determined that a set date is necessary and important to help ensure that there is consistency as we move towards what is typically the summer season.”  The email also said that campus facilities should remain closed, unless they are open to the general public.

While coaches are typically not allowed to work with athletes during a “dead period,” the Coronavirus has given the NCHSAA reason to make an exception and allow coaches to do virtual workouts. 

All athletic activities were suspended by the NCHSAA back on March 13, which included all spring sports and the basketball state championship games.  After the suspension got extended into May and Governor Roy Cooper announced schools would be closed for the remainder of the year, the NCHSAA canceled the rest of the athletic season in mid-April.

As a result, the NCHSAA made the decision to name co-state champions in men’s and women’s basketball in all four classifications.

With the expiration of the NCHSAA’s dead period coming on June 1, the possibility of starting summer activities is a positive during what has been a very negative time.  But even though the NCHSAA is opening up a possible door into the next stage, the ruling will not override what the state of North Carolina and Governor Roy Cooper decides is best for high school athletics. 

If the governor does allow a return to the athletic facilities at the high school level, it will then most likely be turned over to each individual school system to determine what is safe for their athletes.  

With all that said, most area high school football coaches do believe that we will see a football season in some form.  What the actual start date might be and just how many games each school will play is still to be determined.


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