On July 23, the North Carolina High School Athletic Association’s Board of Directors voted to provide Phase Two guidance to member schools regarding summer conditioning and workout activities. As always, the NCHSAA suggested that athletic departments consult with the school and LEA administrators relative to local rules and regulations.

The Phase Two guidelines provided by the NCHSAA will go into effect on Monday, August 3.

In many instances, the Phase One and Phase Two guidelines are the same. Below are some of the differences when transitioning to Phase Two, as highlighted by the NCHSAA.

•Sharing of equipment is permissible within small groups/pods.

•Wearing protective equipment remains prohibited.

•Equipment must be disinfected frequently, and it REQUIRES disinfecting prior to use by another pod.

•LAT’s/1st Responders are not REQUIRED; however, as noted in the Points of Emphasis, they should always be included when possible.

Coaches of schools that have not participated in Phase One are strongly encouraged to ensure a gradual return to activities, considering the condition of students who may have been physically inactive this summer. Additionally, it is important that coaches "teach" the daily monitoring protocol and ways that workouts will incorporate the "3 W’s" of mitigating COVID-19.

Due to the extreme heat and humidity we are experiencing, coaches MUST follow the requirements as listed in the NCHSAA Handbook as well as observing the local policies.

The NCHSAA Staff has worked with the Sports Medicine Advisory Committee (SMAC) on recommendations for member schools regarding summer activities that are in alignment with DHHS directives. The Phase Two guidance is intended to help continue or begin to navigate a gradual reopening of high school sports, while helping mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

The NCHSAA Board of Directors understands that implementation decisions schools make this summer regarding sports and other co-curricular activities will potentially impact the upcoming school year. Thus, it is important that everyone adhere to this current guidance.

The Association also said that schools and coaches are reminded that, per NCHSAA policy, participation in summer sports/activities cannot be required.

The NCHSAA Staff, Board of Directors and SMAC all remain committed to administering sports/activities this Fall, provided it can be done safely and in accordance with guidance from the state’s educational and medical partners.

And finally, the NCHSAA press release stated that decisions relative to the September 1 start date will be made later in August.

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