NL vs Burns Football

North Lincoln running back Ty Williams attempts to elude Burns tacklers during last season’s third-round playoff game. Football players, like other athletes, are trying to stay in shape. 


While the sports world seems to have come to a halt, there are still a handful of things happening locally, state-wide and nationally.

On the local front, it’s very hard to tell what our high school athletes are doing to keep themselves in good shape.  Coaches cannot organize any workouts on school property, but they can suggest different exercises and drills through emails, texts and Twitter.  

North Lincoln head football coach Nick Bazzle gives out guidelines to his squad, but says that the kids have to have a place to do the workout, and that has been an issue.

That can be a problem.  Some student-athletes may be equipped to do many different things at their home, while others not so much.  And public gyms are not an option right now either.

Chris Matile, head baseball coach and athletic director at East Lincoln, sent out a workout to his squad.  He said that in addition to their running, he would like the players to get in 100 swings, ground balls and fly balls in a week. 

Matile wants them to get in four days of throwing for 20 to 25 minutes, and pitchers to throw a bullpen once a week and a flat-ground once a week, very similar to what a week of practice would be like.

The high school spring athletes need to try and stay game-ready.  If in fact the NCHSAA does allow the spring sports season to continue at some point, spring athletes may get only a day of preparation before seeing game action.

Football workouts for the fall season are also very popular this time of the year.  Strength and conditioning is a year-round thing, and players can’t afford to get too far behind in that category.

Recruiting has been in the news again.  Two of the top players in North Carolina recently received offers, including a freshman quarterback.  

Tad Hudson, who spent most of the 2019 season as a backup at Hough High School, received an offer from Texas on Monday.

Also, Omarion Hampton, a running back from Cleveland High School in Johnston County, recently received offers from both Michigan and Miami.  Hampton is currently a sophomore at Cleveland High.  

The biggest sports news nationally right now is that the NFL Draft is just 15 days away, and at this time is still planned to take place as scheduled.

Of course it won’t be anything like a traditional NFL Draft.  It won’t be at one central location, and there won’t be players present to slip on the draft-day cap and hug the commissioner.

This year’s draft is to be totally virtual, with each team’s personnel stationed in their own homes.

If the first round of the NFL Draft does indeed take place on Thursday, April 23, it could be the most watched sporting event of all time. And it’s not even a game.


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