Lincoln Country Club women’s and senior's winners crowned

The Lincoln Country Club recently held their annual Men’s Senior Club Championship (age 50+) and the Ladies Club Championship. Winners of the Men’s Senior Club Championship were: MEN’S SENIOR CLUB CHAMPION: Cole Sigmon; MEN’S SUPER SENIOR CLUB CHAMPION (AGE 62+): Bud Lefevers; CHAMPIONSHIP FLIGHT: 1st Cole Sigmon, 2nd Bud Lefevers; FIRST FLIGHT: 1st Paul Mauney, 2nd Kevin Thornburg; SECOND FLIGHT: 1st Alan Fisher, 2nd Mike McKinney; THIRD FLIGHT: 1st Frank Cianfaglione, 2nd Tim Hatch; CLOSEST TO THE PIN WINNERS: Dan Kocher, Joe Morgan, Jody Saunders and George Weinstein. Winners of the Ladies Club Championship were: LADIES CLUB CHAMPION: Jean Robbins; LADIES SENIOR CLUB CHAMPION (AGE 50+): Penny McKinney; CHAMPIONSHIP FLIGHT: 1st Jean Robbins*, 2nd Lacyee Hoffman (*Won Playoff); FIRST FLIGHT: 1st Leah Matney, 2nd Penny McKinney; LONGEST PUTT WINNERS: Reese Coltrane, Penny McKinney. Pictured left to right are: Cole Sigmon, Jean Robbins, Penny McKinney and Bud Lefevers.  (Published on October 14, 2020)

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