NL Brian Risse

North Lincoln’s Brian Risse (left) was the winner of the boy’s 1600-Meter Run at Tuesday’s South Fork 2A conference track meet in Pumpkin Center.  Jason Thomson (right) finished third.


The North Lincoln Knights swept the South Fork 2A conference track meet on Tuesday afternoon, finishing first on both the boys and girls sides in Pumpkin Center.

The North Lincoln boys finished with 177.5 points, a somewhat comfortable 27 points ahead of second-place Bandys with 150.5, and third-place East Lincoln with 96.

The girls side was much closer, with the Lady Knights (151) squeezing out a one-point win over Lake Norman Charter (150).  The Bandys girls took third place with 111.33 points.

Event winners for the conference champion Knights were Olivia Correa in the Triple Jump, Jake Soorus in the Discus Throw, Brian Risse in the 1600-Meter, Jalen Ward in the 400-Meter Dash, Chandler McCaslin in the 800-Meter Run, Jason Thomson in the 800-Meter Run and Jackson Cathey in the 3200-Meter Run.  The team of Angie Allen, Shay Rooney, Shelby Fink and Alyssa Galvin took first in the 4x800-Meter Relay.

Lincolnton’s Kayla Smith won 3 separate individual events, including the 100 and 200-Meter Dashes and the Long Jump.  

Other multiple event winners were Emily Shain of Lincolnton in the Shot Put and Discus Throw, Isaiah Talbert of Bandys in the Long Jump and Triple Jump, Andie Hubbard of Bandys in the Pole Vault and the 110 Hurdles, Chase Clanton of Bandys in the 110 Hurdles and the 300 Hurdles, Ja’Tay Culliver of Bandys in the 100 and 200-Meter Dash, Izzy Evely of Lake Norman Charter in the 1600 and 3200-Meter Run.

Listed below are the top 3 finishers in each event.  A full list of results can be seen online.  


Top 3 finishers in each event

Girls Shot Put: Emily Shain-Lincolnton 38-03.50, Caira McClain-East Lincoln 37-08.00, Harley Byers-West Lincoln 32-10.00.

Boys Shot Put: Ryan Matz-East Lincoln 47-02.00, Jake Soorus-North Lincoln 43-00.00, Devan Rigdon-East Lincoln 42-01.25.

Girls Discus Throw: Emily Shain-Lincolnton 102-09, Taryn Giles-Robinette-East Lincoln  81-03, Harley Byers-West Lincoln 81-01.

Boys Discus Throw: Jake Soorus-North Lincoln 155-07, Gage Welborn-East Lincoln 127-08, Devan Rigdon-East Lincoln 122-06.

Girls Long Jump: Kayla Smith-Lincolnton 17-06.00, Olivia Correa-North Lincoln 15-04.50, April DeLaCanal-Bandys 15-01.00.

Boys Long Jump: Isaiah Talbert-Bandys 22-06.50, Jake Soorus-North Lincoln 21-07.75, Jalen Ward-North Lincoln 19-08.50.

Girls Triple Jump: Olivia Correa-North Lincoln 35-01.00, April DeLaCanal-Bandys 31-07.25, Lauren Taylor-East Lincoln 30-03.00.   
Boys Triple Jump: Isaiah Talbert-Bandys 41-04.25, Kobe Thomas-East Lincoln 41-03.00, Jake Soorus-North Lincoln 39-11.00, Samuel Brady-North Lincoln 39-11.00.   
Girls High Jump: Ariana Henson-LNC 5-02, Crystal Heafner-West Lincoln 4-08, Dani Brown-Bandys 4-08, Chloe Elmore-West Lincoln 4-08, Whitney Stewart-Bandys 4-08, Olivia Correa-North Lincoln 4-08.   
Boys High Jump: Alex Reavis-Bandys 6-04, Quentin Smith-East Lincoln 5-10, Lance Bailey-North Lincoln  5-08.

Girls Pole Vault: Andie Hubbard-Bandys 8-06, Maddie Falasca-Bandys 7-06, Olivia Correa-North Lincoln 7-06.  

Boys Pole Vault: Cooper Bumgarner-Maiden 11-00, Alex Schmerber-North Lincoln 10-06, Gennaro Zarro-Bandys 10-06.
Girls 4x800 Meter Relay: North Lincoln-Angie Allen, Shay Rooney, Shelby Fink, Alyssa Galvin 10:23.00; LNC-Sophia Sczerbinksi, Anna Gartner, Abby Farris, Monique Gandy 10:26.85; Bandys-Makenzie Goodson, April George, Clarissa Cappadona, Sarah Faith McAlister 11:01.92.

Boys 4x800 Meter Relay: LNC-Ryan Creel, Connor Starr, Jack Bosley, Riley Leprell 8:25.03;
North Lincoln-Johnny Grant, Bobby Scott, Jackson Cathey, Jason Thomson 8:25.78; Bandys-Seaver Hubbard, Jacob Inman, Jordan Beard, Casey Smith 9:01.13.

Girls 110 Meter Hurdles: Andie Hubbard-Bandys 18.00, Zahria Williams-Maiden 19.20, Gabby Rosenbaum-Bandys 19.31.

Boys 110 Meter Hurdles: Chase Clanton-Bandys 16.28, Zack Smith-Lincolnton 16.53, Langdon McCall-East Lincoln 16.53.

Girls 100 Meter Dash: Kayla Smith-Lincolnton 11.93, Chioma Asiegbunam-LNC 12.54, Ania Mayner-North Lincoln 12.745.   

Boys 100 Meter Dash: Ja’Tay Culliver-Bandys 10.83, Tyshaun Harris-Lincolnton 11.03, Brandon Johnson-Newton-Conover 11.08.  
Girls 4x200 Meter Relay: LNC-Chioma Asiegbunam, Katie Eisley, Kiya Means, Jordyn Earl 1:47.92; Bandys-Melanie Dooley, Farah Travis, Cailyn Higgins, Leigh Thompson 1:56.97; Lincolnton-Adara Ledwell, Akyra Forney, Jada Derr, Destinee Head 1:56.97.
Boys 4x200 Meter Relay: Bandys-Dashawn Gibbs, Chase Clanton, Eli Smith, Ja’Tay Culliver 1:29.95; Lincolnton-Tyshaun Harris, Robert Gaither, James Woods, Skylar Evans 1:31.41; Maiden-Kentrell Williams, Keegan Mayfield, Charlie Young, Trey Howell 1:35.18.  
Girls 1600 Meter Run: Izzy Evely-LNC 4:59.50, Mariah Howlett-LNC  5:10.95, Chandler McCaslin-North Lincoln 5:33.51.
Boys 1600 Meter Run: Brian Risse-North Lincoln  4:37.09, Daniel Hopkins-Lincolnton 4:38.93, Jason Thomson-North Lincoln 4:40.25.  

Girls 4x100 Meter Relay: LNC-Chioma Asiegbunam, Jordyn Earl, Kiya Means, Destiny Benson 50.43; Lincolnton-Akyra Forney, Bree Mayfield, Jada Derr, Kayla Smith 52.96; West Lincoln-Lola Lawrence, Alexis Gamble, Chloe Ayers, Gwyneth Reep 53.29.

Boys 4x100 Meter Relay: Bandys-Deshawn Gibbs, Isaiah Talbert, Eli Smith, Ja’Tay Culliver 43.19; Lincolnton-Skylar Evans, Robert Gaither, James Woods, Tiaje Ross 44.43; LNC-Brenden Hoey, Joey Fieno, Avery Scott, Jaden Goodman 44.69

Girls 400 Meter Dash: Briana Carson-NC 1:00.90, Chandler McCaslin-North Lincoln 1:02.53, Lola Lawrence-West Lincoln 1:05.40.  
Boys 400 Meter Dash: Jalen Ward-North Lincoln  51.26, Jalen Johnson-NC 51.38, Joey Fieno-LNC 52.14.   
Girls 300 Meter Hurdles: Destiny Benson-LNC 50.74, Clarissa Cappadona-Bandys 53.74, X’Zaysha Henry-Lincolnton  55.15.
Boys 300 Meter Hurdles: Chase Clanton-Bandys 42.30, Tony Wells-NC  43.50, Zack Smith-Lincolnton 43.87.
Girls 800 Meter Run: Chandler McCaslin-North Lincoln 2:29.57, Alyssa Galvin-North Lincoln 2:31.12, Monique Gandy-LNC 2:31.20.   
Boys 800 Meter Run: Jason Thomson-North Lincoln 2:01.87, Johnny Grant-North Lincoln 2:02.25, Jason Risse-North Lincoln 2:02.99.   
Girls 200 Meter Dash: Kayla Smith-Lincolnton 25.15, Chioma Asiegbunam-LNC 25.64, Ania Mayner-North Lincoln 26.42.   
Boys 200 Meter Dash: Ja’Tay Culliver-Bandys 22.27, Brandon Johnson-NC 22.58, Jalen Ward-North Lincoln 22.73.
Girls 3200 Meter Run: Izzy Evely-LNC 11:16.26, Mariah Howlett-LNC 11:29.34, Chandler McCaslin-North Lincoln 12:15.06.    

Boys 3200 Meter Run: Jackson Cathey-North Lincoln 10:00.36, Brian Risse-North Lincoln 10:16.46, Daniel Hopkins-Lincolnton 10:19.49.  

Girls 4x400 Meter Relay: Newton-Conover-Anna Loudermelt, Elaina Ramseur, Mia Macon, Brianna Carson 4:21.81; LNC-Destiny Benson, Anna Gartner, Monique Gandy, Abby Farris 4:25.01; North Lincoln-Andrea McAlister, Ania Mayner, Grace Parnell, Shay Rooney 4:30.48.    
Boys 4x400 Meter Relay: LNC-Jaden Goodman, Joey Fieno, Jalen Chavis, Riley Leprell 3:31.67; North Lincoln-Johnny Grant, Jason Thomson, Jason Risse, Zach Stamey  3:39.51; NC-Keldon Stinson, Caleb Henze, Noel McIver, Jalen Johnson 3:40.14.


Girl’s Team Scores
North Lincoln              151       

Lake Norman Charter 150   
Bandys                     111.33

Lincolnton                 94   
West Lincoln             80.66

East Lincoln               49   
Newton-Conover        28

Maiden                      20


Boy’s Team Scores   
North Lincoln                177.50     

Bandys                         150.50
East Lincoln                  96    

Lake Norman Charter     84   
Lincolnton                      67

Maiden                          49.50
Newton-Conover             43      

West Lincoln                   27.50

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