NL Football Captains

North Lincoln head football coach Nick Bazzle announced the team captains for the 2020 season.  Pictured left to right are Ty Castro, Travali Price and Jayden Tate.


North Lincoln head football coach Nick Bazzle has announced that the Knights have named their captains for the 2020 season.

Rising seniors Ty Castro, Jayden Tate and Travoli Price have been selected by their peers to lead the team on and off the field throughout the entire campaign.  The trio was selected out of a number of qualified candidates according to Bazzle.

Castro, who plays linebacker and tight end, is a hard worker that is wall liked by his teammates.  “He’s a quieter guy, but he’s a no-nonsense kid,” Bazzle said.

The coach also noted that Castro was the most improved last season, and has a good attitude.  “Ty’s got good hands and does a heck of a job at inside linebacker,” said Bazzle.  “He works hard in the weight room.  He was a good decision (for captain).”

Tate, a three-year varsity player, played center as a junior, but could possibly line up at guard this fall.  “Jayden is a high-energy, physical kid,” Bazzle said.  “He is the strongest player on the team.”

Bazzle felt as if Tate would be chosen by his teammates as a team captain.  “He was an overwhelming pick,” the coach noted.  “He gets after it in the weightroom and his energy is contagious.”  

Tate has always shown good leadership skills, and won’t hesitate to tell teammates when they need to pick it up a notch.  He is also the team’s long snapper, and Bazzle mentioned that the position could make him a college prospect.

Price, the third senior captain for the Knights, is probably the best known.  “Everyone knows about the frame, the size and the speed,” said Bazzle, “but what makes him special is his commitment and excitedness about the weightroom.”

Price has received numerous offers from Power-5 schools, including eight from the ACC.  Duke, Georgia Tech, Louisville, North Carolina, N.C. State, Virginia, Virginia Tech and Wake Forest have all made offers, but Price has yet to reveal his decision.

He’s also received offers from Arizona State, Oklahoma. Penn State, South Carolina, Tennessee and Wisconsin.  

“Tra is a vocal guy,” Bazzle stated.  “He’s emotional, and will get after it 100-percent.  He’s a great practice player.”  

Price lives with Tate and his family, who has guardianship.  “They feed off of one another,” Bazzle said.  “They compete like brothers.”

Bazzle believes that having good team chemistry and strong senior leadership leads to success on and off the gridiron.  “Our success, contrary to what most people may think, was not due totally to the fact that we had some gifted athletes,” said Bazzle.  “What we had was team chemistry, and team chemistry comes from good senior leadership.  And good senior leadership comes from having good senior captains.”

“That is what I am looking for again this year from the three captains that were selected by their teammates for 2020,”   Bazzle said.  “All three are hustlers.  They’re team oriented.”


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