Denver United

The Denver United FC (logo pictured above) was recently approved for membership into the North Carolina Youth Soccer Association.


The Denver United Warriors Soccer Club was recently voted into the North Carolina Youth Soccer Association by their board of directors, giving them a Level III membership which includes recreation and classic level teams.

This membership will allow the club to add girl’s teams, participate in regular season games within the organization’s assigned division and participate in NCYSA sanctioned tournaments that include State Cups next May.

Denver United FC will also receive team promotions that will advance them to higher levels of play, and they are allowed to pursue licensing and other educational opportunities for their coaches as part of the NCYSA Coaching Education Department.

For the upcoming 2018-2019 season, the club plans to have six different NCYSA Classic teams in U12 Boys, U13/14 Boys and Girls, U15 Boys, U15/16 Girls, U16/17 Boys and U18 Boys.

Sally’s YMCA in Denver will continue to offer recreation level play in the fall and spring, and the Denver United FC will work together with them to provide coaches, referees and clinics for players and coaches as needed.  The club will train and play home games in the Denver/Pumpkin Center areas, and will offer summer training sessions and pick-up games for Denver United players and for prospective members.

Ellen Caldwell, president of Denver United FC, says the club’s ultimate goals for Lincoln County and surrounding areas is to bring a full soccer program for ages 3-18 with a developmental pathway for all levels of players, from recreation to competitive (through partnership with Sally’s YMCA in Denver) on local fields without being a financial burden on families whose children want to participate.

Denver United wants to provide greater visibility of the sport in the county and hopefully add new and improved soccer facilities for the kids.  Lincoln County is one of the few counties in North Carolina without a soccer complex.

Caldwell says that the club wants to help put Lincoln County on the high school soccer map by improving the level of play at area schools and increasing the numbers of kids participating, especially among females.

“Our focus is on developing players who have a desire to grow in the sport to the highest level they can achieve through hard work and personal dedication while having fun doing something they love,” Caldwell said.

She went on to say that the organization needs local business sponsors.  Those sponsorships will enable the club to enhance existing fields at area churches and schools and help with the purchase of goals and other needed equipment, along with providing scholarships for players in need. 

“There are great soccer clubs in counties around us, but they are either geographically or financially burdensome for Lincoln County families,” said Caldwell.  “We need local competitive options. There are many recreation programs in Lincoln County as well as another club option in Lincolnton through US Club, but we want to provide a program that will give players a continuous pathway for development at all ages and skill levels.”

Denver United FC is currently in need of volunteer coaches for the recreation level teams for the fall season, and hopefully grow those into competitive level teams and coaches in the future.  The club is also looking for female players born between 2003 and 2006 to fill a few openings that remain on each team. 

Previous club experience is not required to participate, and Denver United is looking for girls who have played before and are simply looking to work to improve their level of their play.  The club also has openings for boys born between 2001 and 2003, and assessments will be in October.  

You can find more information on the Denver United FC Warriors on their website at, which is still under construction.  The club also has a Facebook page at Denver United FC-Warriors. 


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