North Lincoln’s Angie Allen and Lincolnton’s Katherine Hopkins finished one and two individually at Saturday’s 2A West Regional Girls cross-country championship at Murrays Mill.

The Lady Knights finished with a team-best 36 points to claim the Regional championship, ahead of conference rival Lake Norman Charter who finished with 60.

North Lincoln’s Lori Glavan took fifth place in the event, while teammate Bella Wood had a seventh-place finish.

South Fork 2A member Bandys took home fifth place as a team at the 2A West Regional, giving the conference three of the top five places.

The North Lincoln boys were just as dominant, taking six of the top 11 spots in their event.

Miles Phillips and Jacob Scott finished second and third respectively for the Knights, and teammate Stephen Fernetti took the fifth spot.

Jared Campbell (8th), Noah Carter (10th) and Joseph Quilla (11th) also helped lead North Lincoln to another dominating performance in a Regional.

In the 1A boys West Regional championship at Bryson City, Lincoln Charter finished with a team low 37 points, edging out second-place Murphy, who finished with 51.

Cutter Law (4th), Patrick Rice (6th), Brandon Wright (7th) and Mitchell Swicegood (10th) gave the Eagles four of the top 10 finishers in the race.

The Lincoln Charter girls team finished third in the 1A West Regional race with 70 points, following only Thomas Jefferson (23) and Swain County (68).

Katie Elliott finished seventh in the event to lead the Lady Eagles.

The 2A and 1A West Regional results are listed below.

2A West Girls Team Scores

1 North Lincoln 36

2 Lake Norman Char. 60

3 Brevard 121

4 Franklin 123

5 Bandys 161

6 Owen, Charles D. 162

7 Smoky Mountain 196

8 Shelby 222

9 R-S Central 226

10 South Point 244

11 East Burke 271

12 Fred T. Foard 283

13 Patton 309


Top 10 2A West Girls

1 Angie Allen-North Lincoln

2 Katherine Hopkins-Lincolnton

3 Dylan Garcia-Franklin

4 Karina Coulter-Fred T. Foard

5 Lori Glavan-North Lincoln

6 Abby Farris-Lake Norman Char.

7 Bella Wood-North Lincoln

8 Lily Yampolsky-Lake Norm.Char.

9 Brooke Hope-R-S Central

10 Hannah Larios-Owen

Other top runners: 11)Lauren Buckminster-Bandys, 13)Cara Castro-North Lincoln, 14)Emily Laramie-North Lincoln, 17)Noelle Poovey-Maiden, 21)Kelbi Pierce-North Lincoln, 22)McKenna Parker-Maiden, 25) Paige Oldenburg-Bandys, 30)Emily Hedrick-Bandys, 38)Paulina Pena Boardman-North Lincoln, 55)Alana McCaffery-Bandys, 65) Jade Drum-Bandys.


2A West Boys Team Scores

1 North Lincoln 28

2 Franklin 58

3 Brevard 115

4 Owen, Charles D. 124

5 Lake Norman Char. 128

6 Bandys 157

7 R-S Central 176

8 Smoky Mountain 241

9 South Point 243

10 East Lincoln 278

11 Fred T. Foard 287

12 Patton 323

13 East Burke 327

14 Shelby 368

15 Bunker Hill 407


Top 10 2A West Boys

1 Ethan Stamey-Franklin

2 Miles Phillips-North Lincoln

3 Jacob Scott -North Lincoln

4 Grant Howlett-Lake Norm. Char.

5 Stephen Fernetti-North Lincoln

6 Nathan Stamey-Franklin

7 Knox Witherspoon-Brevard

8 Jared Campbell-North Lincoln

9 Abdi Green-Brevard

10 Noah Carter-North Lincoln

11 Joseph Quilla-North Lincoln

Other top runners: 16)Grant Parham-Bandys, 20) Ethan Davis-North Lincoln, 23 CJ Schronce-Bandys, 26) Bryson Burkett-Bandys, 36) David Birkhofer-Bandys, 54)Andrew Kleiner-East Lincoln, 55) Nicholas Harrison-East Lincoln, 56)Noah Casey-East Lincoln, 60)Alex Mclucas-East Lincoln, 68)Thomas Dollyhite-Bandys, 75)Dennis Poteat-East Lincoln, 83)Dylan Roseman-Bandys, 92)Owen Vander Haar-East Lincoln, 104)Cole Melendez-Bandys, 105)Tyler Gulliford-East Lincoln.


1A West Boys Team Scores

1 Lincoln Charter 37

2 Murphy 51

3 Swain County 62

4 Christ the King 114

5 Thomas Jefferson 146

6 Robbinsville 159

7 Avery County 181

8 Elkin 201


Top 10 1A West Boys

1 Chase Pierce-Murphy

2 Caleb Jones-Murphy

3 Carson Gilliam-Thomas Jefferson

4 Cutter Law-Lincoln Charter

5 Austin SanSouci-Swain County

6 Patrick Rice-Lincoln Charter

7 Brandon Wright-Lincoln Charter

8 Connor Brown-Swain County

9 Braxton Edwards-Polk County

10 Mitchell Swicegood-Lincoln Ch.

Other top runners: 12)Matthew Radin-Lincoln Charter, 13)Manix Ferreira-Lincoln Charter, 17)Tucker Caulder-Lincoln Charter.


1A West Girls Team Scores

1 Thomas Jefferson 23

2 Swain County 68

3 Lincoln Charter 70

4 Polk County 83

5 Rosman 115


Top 10 1A West Girls

1 Hazel Pasley-Alleghany

2 Lauren Tolbert-Highland Tech

3 Emily Sansbury-Christ the King

4 Kilia Hasty-Thomas Jefferson

5 Gracie Monteith-Swain County

6 Kaitlyn Rowe-Thomas Jefferson

7 Katie Elliott-Lincoln Charter

8 Maggie Beard-Thomas Jefferson

9 Kaysen Krieger-Hayesville

10 Emma Deviney-Thom. Jefferson

Other top runners: 23) Lydia Guffey-Lincoln Charter, 25)Jillian Aganad-Lincoln Charter, 30)Hannah Rogers-Lincoln Charter, 33)Katie Rysdon-Lincoln Charter, 34)Amelia Aganad-Lincoln Charter, 35)Lia Zink-Lincoln Charter.

(Published January 20, 2021)

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