Legion Baseball Lineup

The Lincoln County Cardinals line up for the national anthem prior to the start of an American Legion Baseball game last season at East Lincoln High School.  The American Legion recently cancelled all spring and summer sports programs, including Legion baseball at the state level. 


Just days after cancelling the 2020 American Legion Baseball Regionals and World Series, national officials have shut down all spring and summer sports programs, including Legion baseball at the local and state level.

Local and state officials had requested that the American Legion DEC push their decision back until May 15.  North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper has indicated that date will be the next day to look at reopening the state.

There had been hope locally that if Covid-19 was under control and that new cases were on the decline, that the national committee would allow teams to play at the state level, salvaging a part of the season.  

A number of players on each team will age out, causing them to miss out on what would have been their final year of eligibility.

“The baseball committee made a motion to the DEC to extend their ruling on baseball until May 15, when Governor Cooper is going to make a statement on reopening North Carolina,” said Area IV Commissioner Jerry Hudson.  “They rejected our motion and closed all spring and summer sports.”

The cancelling of American Legion Baseball season affects many across the United States.   There are more than 5,400 teams  nationwide and in Puerto Rico.  

And the state of North Carolina is a hot-bed for the sport.  In addition to the annual N.C. state tournament, one of eight regionals has been regularly played in Asheboro, and the American Legion World Series is now played annually in Shelby.  The ALWS regularly brings in close to 100,000 fans over the six-day event.


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