Preparations are underway for the annual production of “The Nutcracker” ballet in downtown Lincolnton. Every year that I cover this ballet I’m amazed at what it takes to put it on. While covering the same event year after year may be dull for some people, I make it my mission to find something new and interesting about it each time, just like I do for every event that happens in Lincoln County on an annual basis. I’ve already started the groundwork on coverage for “The Nutcracker” and I’m excited about telling the story of the production again this year.

This seasonal ballet is very important to the Lincoln County community – it’s a harbinger to the holiday season and just plain enjoyable to experience for children and adults alike. The Lincoln County dancers who take part in it every year dream of the day that they may be awarded the coveted roles of the Sugar Plum Fairy, Snow Queen or Clara. 

It takes a village to get “The Nutcracker” ready to go on stage. It also takes money which the Lincoln Cultural Center gets from donations, grants and from other performances that it stages throughout the year. It’s a work of love for the director of the Cultural Center and she deserves credit for all she does, year after year.

This community ballet is not much different than a small community paper like the “Lincoln Times-News.” Newspapers, especially those that are independently owned like the “Times,” don’t operate in a bubble. Without subscribers and advertisers, we can’t continue to deliver community news.

The beauty of a community newspaper is that we deliver news that you don’t find for free on Google or Facebook, until we post it. On a weekly basis, there’s a minimum of 20 original stories, news and sports, all telling what’s happened or going to happen in Lincoln County. We tell the stories of the people who live here as well as the small businesses that operate in the county. The hard news is reported on in an unbiased manner, telling both sides and using ethical journalism practices. There are pictures, lots of pictures, included to help tell the story. It’s a work of love and respect for the community done by the “Times” writers, which I’m one of. It’s important that these stories be told and down the road, it’ll be a part of the history of Lincoln County.

We can’t keep telling these stories without support from the community that we represent. That’s the unfortunate truth about newspapers, as it has been throughout history. Without advertisers and subscribers we can’t keep operating. 

It takes a village to run a community newspaper.

Michelle T. Bernard, News Editor

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