The Lincoln Cultural Center puts on hundreds of shows throughout the year. As was done with this week’s performance, “Drag Me to the Red Carpet,” the Times-News reports on them. That the cultural center was staging a performance of professional female impersonators was news for Lincoln County. It’s also the first time the cultural center has offered a performance that has evoked such a stir of negativity, which makes it even more newsworthy. The uproar being raised across social media and elsewhere became so great that the one local performer who was to be interviewed by the Times-News elected to not do the interview for fear of retaliation to him or his family.

It may have been easier to not have published a story on a performance that was likely to make  some readers upset, but that’s what journalists are tasked to do. We report on what’s happening in the community, whether it’s good or bad in the opinion of any individual reader.

It’s the mission of the Lincoln Cultural Center, which is a 501c(3) nonprofit organization, to “stimulate a deeper interest in Lincoln County’s heritage, to promote the appreciation and participation in the arts and to foster a close relationship among the member arts organizations.” 

As detailed in the story that was published in the Times-News on Wednesday, “drag” is an art form, a very ancient art form. It is understandable that this type of art may not be for everybody. Not all of the shows offered at the Cultural Center are. The simple answer for not liking or agreeing with a show would be to not go. 

It’s a pity that an organization that has done so much good for this community is receiving so much backlash for a performance which is likely going to sell out and net the organization funds it needs to continue to promote the arts in Lincoln County. 

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