The fight goes on. By now, you have your paper with that pink front page, part of our annual campaign to ramp up the fight against breast cancer during National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

It’s an especially important fight in a city like ours, known nationwide for its state-of-the-art medicine. And too often in this city, and in towns and cities nationwide, women — and sometimes men — get diagnoses of breast cancer. Fortunately, it’s often not the death sentence it was in too many cases years ago. But the deaths do continue. They include high-profile ones, such as that of Elizabeth Edwards in 2010.

And they include relatively anonymous cases, including our loved ones.

Many people we love live with breast cancer and even beat it, enduring sometimes painful treatment. They’re not victims. They’re survivors. We need more medical advances to produce more victories like theirs.

It is for that reason that we stay in this fight. Crucial to the battle is the Susan G. Komen organization, which publishes helpful information, offers moral and practical support and raises money for research.

The battle continues. It includes the patients on the front lines, their doctors and nurses, and researchers in the labs. It includes the friends and family members who live with fear and uncertainty, offering what support they can. It includes organizations like Cancer Services, a local agency that provides practical support for cancer patients and their families, and the Comprehensive Cancer Center at Wake Forest Baptist Health, as well as programs offered by Novant Health.

We can do more in this fight, during this month and year ‘round. Consider volunteering your time or donating if you aren’t doing so already. The war against breast cancer has enjoyed some wins, but many more are needed.

— from the Winston-Salem Journal.


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