Every day should be a day for veterans. Instead of just doing it for a day, stores and restaurants should always offer a discount on services for veterans. Many do it for seniors, and that’s great, seniors deserve a discount, but so do veterans. These men and women put their lives on the line to help keep our country free. Because of them, we have the freedom to vote, obtain an education and basically to live as we want. It’s important to give thanks.

On Monday, Lincolnton held their annual Veterans Day Parade, which was well attended. Why not? Who doesn’t love a parade? Lincoln County Schools were closed for the day and the weather was fine. East Main Street was lined with American flags, which will all be gone and put away in a few days. 

Downtown shops and restaurants are already decorated for Christmas and the decorations are beautiful. What happened to fall or Thanksgiving decorations though? Oh, wait, those were up for Halloween. It’s understandable that small merchants need to start early and work hard for those holiday dollars, but what about giving thanks first? 

Maybe we need to get through Thanksgiving before we go to Christmas. There’s so much hurry in our world now. What’s wrong with slowing down and giving thanks?

Perhaps the education on giving thanks needs to start within schools. Several Lincoln County Schools and both campuses of Lincoln Charter School held veteran’s programs to do just that. This will, hopefully, start children out young in understanding that they should give thanks and giving thanks to veterans is a good start. This thanks needs to be all year round for everything that they have which would not be possible without the sacrifice of veterans.

And what about those World War II veterans living in Lincoln County? There’s not many of them left. For longer than a decade now, Linda Hoyle has been organizing the Last Man’s Club for these aged veterans, many of whom went into war when they were in their teens. They meet the first Wednesday of every month at Ingles in Lincolnton, but fewer and fewer of them are able to attend. At this past meeting, only one veteran was able to attend. In time, they’ll all be gone, these members of what is often called the “greatest generation.” 

We also need to be thankful for those individuals in Lincoln County who are looking after these precious community members. There are so many things that we should all be thankful for and veterans should be at the top of the list, all year round. Not just for one day. 

Michelle T. Bernard

Lincoln Times-News

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