Since he has been old enough to talk, Doran Withrow has always pretended to be a policeman. He would make the siren sound and tell his mother, Kelly Withrow, principal at G.E. Massey Elementary School, that she was “under-arrested.” 

“Not under arrest or arresting you but ‘under-arrested,’” she said. “Nightly in the neighborhood, he rides his bike and we play cop. I drive the golf cart and he ‘pulls me over’ and writes me a ticket for speeding, not making a complete stop at a stop sign, and occasionally for stealing prized jewels from the store. Sometimes I get lucky and get a warning, but sometimes my luck runs out and I get handcuffed and put on the back of his bike. His imagination makes me smile.”

Doran says that he wants to become a police officer because he wants to be a community helper and protect people.

“As a mother I am proud that he has the desire to help and protect,” Withrow said. “If he decides to pursue an education and career in criminal justice, I will support his decision knowing that he’s doing something he has always wanted to do since he was three.”

Last week, Doran was out riding his bike in the driveway dressed in the new police uniform that his mother purchased for him about a week prior. Lincolnton Police Officer Devane Rushing drove by and beeped her horn twice at him.

“Doran came running into the house shouting, ‘mommy, mommy...guess who just beeped at me,’” Withrow said. “I started naming names of our neighbors. He replied, ‘no policemen. They honked at me two times.’”

Rushing couldn’t stop at that time because they (Rushing and Officer Chandler Lail) were on their way to a call. After they completed their duty, they returned to our neighborhood to see if they could find Doran. He was still outside riding his bike. They got out and talked with Doran and brought K9 Chase out. Doran was able to pet and play with Chase. 

“They let Doran use the real handcuffs since he had a pair of plastic fake ones attached to his uniform,” Withrow said. “He handcuffed Officer Rushing. We appreciate the officers taking time to come back and make his day. They didn’t need to do this, which makes this such an admirable gesture. With all the changes and uncertainties in today’s world, this one little action proves that there is still a pinch of kindness that survives amongst us.

Doran also loves German Shepherds, Withrow said. This past Christmas he wrote a letter to Santa letting him know he wanted a German Shepherd dog.

“Santa got him one, but not a real one, just a big stuffed one that looks extremely real,” she said. “So, the night the police officers let Chase out of the car, he was over the moon. He quickly shared his Christmas list story with them as well and stated this year he was going to write ‘real’ beside German Shepherd.”

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