The General Robert F. Hoke/ Colonel William Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp honored two local high school students on Thursday for their academic achievements in United States history. 

Alejandra Salas, a 17-year-old rising senior from West Lincoln High School, and James Byron Eubank, a 17-year-old rising senior from East Lincoln High School, both received the General Robert F. Hoke/ Colonel William J. Hoke Academic Achievement Award for having the highest grades in AP U.S. History at their schools.  

“History is important because it helps you feel like a part of your nation,” Eubanksaid.

Both high schoolers and their families attended this meeting at the Lincolnton Cultural Center. 

“Knowing your history is important, so you don’t repeat it,” said Salas, after receiving her award. 

Zakk Phillips, Commander of Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) in Lincoln County led the ceremony and distributed the awards to these two students. He and other officials decided to create this award to recognize students for their dedication, passion, and hard work for American history. This is the first time the SCV of Lincolnton have given this award and hope to continue recognizing students in the future. 

“The camp’s purpose is to honor our history and our ancestors in their fight,” Phillips said. 

The SCV club does more than just hold meetings, they give back to the community through hosting cemetery clean ups, adopting a highway, and their dedication to preserving history. The SCV is a nationwide organization who were first organized in Richmond, Virginia in 1896. 

The General Robert F. Hoke/ Colonel William Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp hold meetings every Thursday at 7 p.m. at the Lincolnton Cultural Center. For more information, visit

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