The most COVID-19 Snapshot issued by the Lincoln County Department of Health indicated that the county seeing a “second wave” of cases, but that this was “not alarming or unexpected but still noteworthy.” In the past 30 days, there’s been an 11% growth in cases for ages 0-17, however, according to the snapshot, there have been minimal cases needing hospitalization. 

The snapshot also specified that new cases for all age groups were coming in more quickly with the test dates being closer to the reporting date. This is a contributing factor to the swell in active cases. The current average-case-per-day figure for the past 30 days is about 20. This is approximately a 53% increase from the 30-day window prior which had an average of 13 per day. 

The significant uptick in cases suggests we are definitely in a new “peak” or wave of resulted positives, according to the snapshot. The Lincoln County Department of Health will continue to monitor over the next few weeks to see how Phase 3 and the percent of active positives have an impact on the health resources for the county. While this is always concerning, the continual transition back into routine activities will result in increased transmission. Therefore, it remains important for everyone to consider personal responsibility within our community by continuing to use the appropriate control measures.

On Oct. 6, which is the most recent report provided by the department of health, the reported cases in Lincoln County included 200 positive-active cases, 1,590 positive-recovered cases and 17 deaths. As of Sept. 25, the county stopped reporting PUI counts. Of the 17 deaths, according to the department of health, nine are related to a congregate care facility. The department continues to work with congregate living facilities to mitigate the impacts of COVID-19, according to the report. Since the county started testing, the health department has made more than 26,560 contact tracing calls, spent more than 12,000 staff hours responding to the pandemic.  In addition, staff has answered more than 2,950 triage calls.

Of those people who tested positive in the county, 58% were in the central Lincolnton area, 25% were on the eastern side of the county and 17% were on the western side. These percentages are similar to those from a month ago.

Of the positive Lincoln County cases, 11% were in the 0-17 age group, 84 males and 95 females. Two hundred and twenty-four cases, or 14% were aged 18-24, 125 males and 117 females. The largest number of cases, 36% were between the ages of 25-49, 313 were female and 289 were male. Of those who tested positive between the ages of 50-64, 25% of the total cases, 218 were male, 208 were female. One hundred and eight males and 135 females, or 14% aged 65+ were among the positive results. These percentages are similar to last month, the number of cases, of course, have increased.

The health department recommends the “3 Ws” to reduce the risk of exposure to COVID-19, wear a cloth face covering, wait in lines six feet apart and wash your hands often.

COVID-19 Resources

  • To find a testing site near you, visit
  • For additional information visit the Lincoln County website and click the COVID-19 resources tab.
  • For mental health support call the free and confidential Hope4NC Helpline at 1-855-587-3463.

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