Students at the Lincoln County School of Technology work on constructing dog houses during a construction class on Wednesday.

With another successful year in the books, administrators, staff and partners of Lincoln County School of Technology and the Career and Technical Education Program are looking forward to another productive year.

“Our CTE proficiency has risen to 87.5% which puts us third in the southwest region of North Carolina schools districts,” principal Dr. Cale Sain said. “CTE proficiency is measured by how well the students know the curriculum. I really like the fact that we got our eighth graders to Gaston College for the Career Awareness/EdgeFactor Event this year. This is the first year we’ve done that.”

Other successes include an increase in CTE enrollment, students concentrating in CTE is the highest it’s been in several years and there’s been a 49% increase in the CTE internship program from 2017-2018. 

“We continue to have more students take more classes within CTE pathways,” Sain said. “That’s a celebration for me. Our departmental response and the work that our teachers do connects the kids to what’s going on out in the real world.” 

In a continuing effort to give students the knowledge and training they need for future employment, Sain has worked with the Lincoln County Schools Business Advisory Council to organize the first Lincoln County Schools Opportunity Fair which will be held on Monday, May 20. The council consists of industry, business, apprenticeship, post-secondary and partner representatives and is chaired by John Dancoff. 

“We know that there’s employers out there that need good employees and our kids don’t know about these opportunities,” Sain said. “That’s the purpose of this fair – to put them in front of a construction company, or a plumbing company or any other employer that will be at the fair. I’m happy this is happening. Our focus has to be anything that helps kids. I want us to do all we can do.”

More than 30 different representatives from a variety of businesses and industries will be at the fair. Students throughout the district have been invited to attend this event which will be held from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at Lincoln County Schools Central Services on Monday.

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