In these trying times, consumption of carbohydrates can be somehow soothing, but not everyone is a baker. A West Lincoln Middle School student, Seraphina Shutt is putting her passion for baking to good use. She started her own baking business, “Rolls for the Soul” before the coronavirus pandemic set in, but now that she’s got more free time due to school being out, she’s ramping up her baking.

“I had been wanting to start this for about a year,” she said as she assembled the ingredients for the yeast rolls she was making. “At first, I thought I was going to do a bunch of baked goods like cookies, cakes and pies but then I decided to just make rolls.”

Shutt helped a fellow church member make yeast rolls for meals at the church and really enjoyed doing them.  

Selling her pillowy soft rolls pretty much as fast as she can bake them through her Facebook page, Shutt makes them at home and at various relatives’ houses. Pretty much anywhere she can commandeer a kitchen. Throughout the month of March, she donated the profits from roll sales to the Hesed House of Hope.  Coming up with a name for her business was at first difficult. 

“I’m horrible at making up names,” she said. “I thought about ‘Rolls for Hope,’ then I came up with ‘Rolls for the Soul,” I love fresh bread, I really enjoying making it and it feeds your soul. They’re ‘carbs for a cause.’”

Given that her schoolwork load is a little less than what it once was, Shutts hopes to be able to spend more time baking – as long as she can continue to get the ingredients. The recipe that she uses is pretty simple, bread flour, yeast, milk, oil, eggs, sugar and salt. The eggs come from chickens that the Shutts family raise.

“I’m happy she’s doing it,” Shutts’ mother, Talia Alvarado said. “I didn’t know exactly how it would go. I thought that people would enjoy buying rolls. Once she decided that she really liked making them, we talked about the idea of just doing one thing. Being in school, she was going to have to do it on weekends only. I used to teach family and consumer science classes and she and I have been baking together since she was little.”

Rolls can be ordered via Shutts’ Facebook page, Rolls for the Soul. They come in batches of two dozen and are $12 an order. Payment can be made online through Venmo. 


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