This week I got a letter from a reader of this column named James Webber who worked for years as a truck driver. He used to read a newsprint magazine called “Highway News and Good News” in the 1970s published by the Transport for Christ ministry written for highway cowboys to encourage them in their faith. I looked into this and found that this ministry is still active.  Today chaplains distribute nearly 16,000 magazines at truck stops and volunteers take them to trucking companies.  With 3.7 million truck drivers in North America, the opportunity to reach out to them in Christ is amazing.  Canadian Rev. Jim Keys founded Transport for Christ in 1951 for this reason - “This I strongly believe: Men need Christ today, to help them find reality and purpose in life.” They do much more for truck drivers than publish the magazine, so for more information about Transport for Christ go to

In Jim’s letter was a handwritten copy of an article from the Good News magazine that he had saved for many years. It is called “Our Matchless Christ” and he shared it with me so I could share it with you. It is my pleasure to be a partner in the Transport for Christ ministry, and it goes like this:

“To many, Jesus Christ is only a grand subject for a painting, a heroic theme for a pen, a beautiful form for a statue, and a thought for a song; but to those who have heard His voice, who have felt His pardon, who have received His benediction, He is music, warmth, light, hope, and salvation; a friend who never forsakes, a friend who lifts us when others try to push us down. We cannot wear Him out, we pile on Him all our grief’s and troubles. He is always ready to life us; He is always ready to help us; He addresses us with the same love; He beams upon us with the same smile; He pities us with the same compassion.  

There is no name like His. It is more inspiring than Caesar’s, more musical than Beethoven’s, more patient than Lincoln’s. The name of Jesus throbs with all life, weeps with all pathos, groans with all pains, stoops with all love. Its breath is laden with perfume. 

Who like Jesus can pity a homeless orphan? Who like Jesus can welcome a prodigal back home?  Who like Jesus can make a drunkard sober? Who like Jesus can illuminate a cemetery plowed with graves? Who like Jesus can make a queen unto God out of a woman of the street? Who like Jesus can catch the tears of human sorrow in His bowl? Who like Jesus can kiss away our sorrow? 

I struggle for a metaphor with which to express Jesus. He is not like the bursting forth of an orchestra; that is too loud and may be out of tune. He is not like the sea when lashed into a rage by a storm; that is too boisterous. He is not like a mountain wreathed in lightening, canopied with snow; that is too solitary and remote. 

He is the Lily of the Valley, the Rose of Sharon, a gale of spices from heaven.” – Author Unknown

Rev. Walker is the pastor of Emanuel Reformed Church www.emanuelreformedchurch.comand she can be reached at 828-962-8196 or    

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