While better known for their heroic efforts to pick up trash, Keep Lincoln County Beautiful (KLCB), an affiliate of Keep America Beautiful, assisted by Eakers Nursery and Tree Farm recently planted 35 trees at East Lincoln Middle School with the plan to plant additional trees at schools throughout Lincoln County. KLCB has collaborated with East Lincoln Middle School and the Lincoln County Schools system to ensure the success of this project. Native trees were planted such as red maples, yellow/sugar maples, river birch, and American/Eastern redbud. 

“Lincoln County has experienced significant loss of tree canopy due to residential and commercial development,” Jeanette Johnson, executive director for KLCB said. “Since July 2015, approximately 2,910.5 acres in the county have been disturbed for construction and building purposes. This includes all subdivisions, commercial sites, single-family dwellings and other projects constructed that required building permits. Much work needs to be done to plant and protect trees that provide so many benefits. We are excited for our growing community and want to help to replenish any tree loss to keep our home beautiful and our community thriving.”

The benefits of this tree planting project include replacing trees that have been lost to development, beautifying local schools and the community, reducing carbon dioxide levels and potentially harmful gasses from the air and releasing oxygen, Johnson added. The group also plans to educate students and residents about the important benefits of trees, helping to protect the natural environment, strengthening community pride and contributing to the positive impression of how the schools are perceived by visitors.

KLCB and East Lincoln Middle School are allowing individuals to sponsor a tree in memory or in honor of someone though a donation to the Sponsor-A-Tree program. Displaying signage for the tree may possibly be permitted by ELMS Principal Heather Myers, but permission will need to be granted prior to displaying the signage. Additionally, KLCB asks that any signage not placed on the tree but in the ground using a stake as to not damage the young trees. KLCB has hired a company to water the trees in their fragile stages so maintenance is not a concern for sponsorship.  To sponsor a tree, visit klcbnc.org. To get permission to display signage, contact Myers at hmyers@lincoln.k12.nc.us.

“Together we can make a positive contribution to a better tomorrow by planting trees, and we can inspire children to become environmental stewards and the next generation of tree planters,” Johnson said. “We are grateful for our partnerships with Lincoln County Schools, East Lincoln Middle School and Eakers Nursery and Tree Farm, to make this incredible opportunity happen.”

For more information about Keep Lincoln County Beautiful, please visit klcbnc.org or follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

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