A man accused of making fake identification cards for illegal immigrants faces several felony charges.

Emilio Camarena Guzman, 33, Hickory, was arrested at the Colonial Village Apartments after he allegedly arranged a meeting to make a false driver’s license and Social Security card for an unidentified illegal immigrant, Lt. Hal Kluttz for the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department, said.

Kluttz said Guzman allegedly sold these ID cards to undocumented immigrants for $150.

After his arrest, authorities found photos, Social Security cards and a large amount of cash on the suspect.

Guzman was charged with three felony counts of financial identity theft and one count of trafficking in stolen identities.

He is held at the Harven A. Crouse Detention Center on a $40,000 secured bond.

Authorities believe Guzman is a part of a larger ring of persons operating out of Hickory and Charlotte.

The subjects are suspected of producing fake North Carolina, California and Texas driver’s licenses, ID cards and Social Security cards.

The copies retrieved, Kluttz said, are “missing the holograms imbedded” into the driver’s license and state ID cards.

“The fake [cards] appear to be good enough to fool the average person and [maybe] some employers and law enforcement officers,” Kluttz said.

Anyone with information that can lead to an arrest should call the Crime Stoppers of Lincolnton-Lincoln County hotline at (704) 736-8909.

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