A family-owned company that’s been in business for almost 200 years, HUBER Technology began their work manufacturing containers and equipment for breweries and food suppliers. They’re now in the wastewater treatment business with a brand-new facility in Airlie Parkway in Denver.

“It’s not glamourous work, but it’s very necessary,” Crista Renouard, HUBER’s marketing manager said. “The parent company was founded in Germany as a brewery company. Over the years they got more into the water treatment side of things. We employ approximately 80 people right now out of this location.”

One of the exciting things that’s happening at the Denver facility, Renouard added is that much of the equipment they offer is being manufactured there. 

“We’re going to break ground on additional facility space to not only manufacture nearly the full line of equipment but also do the passivation process for it,” she said. “In order for stainless steel to be considered stainless steel it has to go through a process of passivation which makes it so that it’s not able to react to the outside elements. There are a few different ways to do it, you can either spray the whole thing down and rinse it off or you can dip the entire piece of equipment into a passivation tank.”

In these times of supply chain delays, container shortages and how hard it is to get raw supplies, to be able to manufacture all of their equipment in one location is the ideal scenario, HUBER Technology President Henk-Jan van Ettekoven added.

“Especially with the whole ‘buy American’ aspect,” he said. “We expanded quite drastically in 2009 and this is a continuation of what we’ve been doing. There’s been an increase in the products that we’ve been selling. We’ll expand to a total of about 150,000 square feet.”

At one time, the company was in Huntersville. Executives from the company looked first at Mecklenburg County, but it was suggested that they look at Lincoln County.

“Lincoln County got hold of us and never let go,” he said. “We’re really proud of this facility. After we expand, we’ll be able to produce our complete portfolio here in the U.S. We’re going to do our part in the ‘buy America’ movement, create local content and be the employer of choice in the county. Lincoln County was nice to us and we’re trying to return the favor. We’re very happy here.”

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