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A group of passionate local high school students have been gathering on the steps of the Lincoln County Courthouse to share their message on Saturdays. Melissa Alwran learned that her 15-year-old daughter who goes to Lincolnton High School, Madison, had joined a Snapchat group, “BLM Protest Lincolnton.” 

“They were trying to get other high school students together on Saturdays from 12 to 3,” Alwran said. “When we got there, I met up with the other moms. It was students from Lincolnton, East Lincoln and West Lincoln High Schools. They made signs and all stood out there together.”

While a good number of people have been supportive about their protesting, some have not been so and when driving by gave the students the finger and/or shouted, “Trump 2020.” That didn’t deter the young people at all. They simply responded to the taunts with, “We love you.” 

Local businesses have been supportive of the protestors, according to Alwran.

“The number one thing that they’ve said is that because they’re a predominately white group, they felt like they needed to use their voice and stand up for people of color and be seen in our community,” Alwran said. “They hope to be able to initiate some change.”

The students started protesting last week and plan to continue throughout the summer. 

“For them being teenagers, they didn’t know what to expect,” Alwran said. “The hate that they saw fueled them a little more. Not angrily, they wanted to help educate those people.”

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