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Amber Parssenos is set to open an herbal-based apothecary in downtown Lincolnton.

Sometimes combinations work out as if they “came out of the heavens” and things happen exactly as they should. 

“Have you ever had things happen to you in life and you just look up and go, wow, this was meant to be,” Mike Macomson, the owner of Graffiti's Restaurant in Lincolnton said. “That’s what happened when Amber (Parssenos) and I started to talk about different things that we both like to do, eat, drink, whatever.

Last summer, when she was looking for a job while she was finishing her master’s degree, she answered an advertisement from Graffiti’s and was hired. Once she started working there, she started to talk to Macomson about a CBD product he was working with in another business venture.

“I was pretty amazed by the quality of the product as well,” she said. “I started to come to some of his meetings on the CBD product and that’s how it all started.”

Amber Parssenos discovered alternative medicine when she was struggling with endometriosis.

“I kept going to the doctor saying something was wrong,” she said. “They kept telling me there wasn’t anything wrong and prescribing pain pills which I hated. I had to find my own way, so I got into nutrition and herbal medicine to treat myself. It’s the only thing that’s worked for me. I became passionate about it. I was amazed by what changes you can make – how you can use food as medicine. God already put the things that we need here on the earth.”

This discover prompted Parssenos to leave her previous career as an accountant. She obtained an undergraduate degree in alternative medicine and studied herbs for almost a decade. She’s a certified integrative health coach and is currently working towards a master’s degree in integrative nutrition and health with a focus on herbal medicine. 

With Macomson’s backing, Parssenos will be opening “Key2 Health & Wellness” on Tuesday, March 3. The CBD product that she and Macomson both use and recommend will be offered for sale along with herbal products that Parssenos custom blends.

“What will set us apart from others is that we are also going to teach classes,” she said. “Every Tuesday I’m going to teach a class about CBD. It’ll be a series so every class will have a different theme. I’m also going to teach nutrition classes. Mostly we want to be a resource for people in this area. I see a great need for it. We incorporate modern science with a holistic and traditional approach with herbal medicine.”

Key2 Health & Wellness will be located in the Anderson Building on East Main Street. Between Parssenos and Macomson, they’ve sourced antique furniture to incorporate the old with the new in the store. It will have the feel and appearance of an old-fashioned apothecary. The classes will be held in the back room which will hold approximately 10 people. 

Like the apothecaries of the past, Parssenos will offer loose herbs which she’ll mix into blends based on the needs of her clientele. 

The Anderson Building is located at 235 East Main Street in Lincolnton. A ribbon cutting ceremony will be held on Tuesday, March 3 at 11:30 a.m.

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