Report cards are out for school districts across North Carolina. Lincoln County Schools’ performance is similar to last year’s. The district received one A, 10 Bs, nine Cs and one D which is technically the same as the district received last year. In the 2017-2018 school year, there were two D grades, one given to Battleground Elementary and the other to Kiser Intermediate. These two schools merged into Battleground Elementary which once again received a D. One school, Love Memorial, went up a grade and another, West Lincoln High School went down one.

As it did last year, Rock Springs Elementary received an A, the 10 schools receiving Bs were Catawba Springs Elementary, East Lincoln Middle and High Schools, Love Memorial, North Lincoln Middle and High Schools, Pumpkin Center Primary and Intermediate, St. James Elementary and Union Elementary. Those schools receiving a C grade were Childers Elementary, G.E. Massey, Iron Station Elementary, Lincolnton Middle, Lincolnton High School, North Brook Elementary, S. Ray Lowder and West Lincoln Middle and High Schools.

Of note, last year, Love Memorial received a C so that school has gone up a grade this year. West Lincoln High School received a B last year but went down a grade this year.

For the 2018-2019 school year, 14 schools met growth, two exceeded and four did not make growth. The two schools that exceeded growth were Lincolnton Middle and Union Elementary. Those that did not make growth were East Lincoln High School, Lincolnton High School, West Lincoln Middle and West Lincoln High School. Last year, seven schools exceeded growth, nine met and four didn’t meet growth. The four schools that didn’t make growth last year were Kiser Intermediate, East Lincoln High School, Lincolnton High School and West Lincoln High School. East Lincoln High School hasn’t met growth the past five years.

Last year, Lincoln County Schools had one school that was considered low performing. This school was Kiser Intermediate receiving a D grade and not making growth. This year, there are no low performing schools in the district. The one school receiving a D Grade, Battleground, met growth.

“Lincoln County Schools continues to focus on academic excellence each and every school day.” Lincoln County Schools superintendent Dr. Lory Morrow said. “Our students are performing above state averages as measured by North Carolina's testing and accountability model. This is due to the hard work and dedication of our teachers, administrators and support staff. Our staff works to personalize learning in an effort to meet the needs of all students. I am extremely proud of our accomplishments and the districts academic achievements this year.”

Lincoln Charter School received a B grade but this year did not make growth as it did last year.

“We are excited to get this data and dig into it,” Lincoln Charter School chief administrator Jonathan Bryant said. “Every year this is an opportunity for us to identify areas that need increased focus and areas where we can celebrate the hard work of our teachers and staff. Ultimately test scores are one of the many ways we try to “measure” what Lincoln Charter does, and this data is certainly helpful to guide our conversations.”

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