At their regular board meeting held on Monday, March 22, members of the Lincoln Charter School Board discussed transferring their middle and high school students to Plan A. Chief Administrator Jonathan Bryant presented an update to the schools “Gear Up” campaign which addresses operating the schools during the pandemic. The goals of this campaign include ensuring safety of all students and staff, allowing for flexibility and adaptability throughout the school year, accommodating the needs of students and staff, and allowing any family who is uncomfortable or health compromised access to an eLearning option. 

COVID metrics show that Lincoln County is now in the yellow tier and has been for several weeks. Bryant shared that the Lincoln County Health Director Davin Madden supports three feet social distancing with additional control measures. 

Metrics at Lincoln Charter are in good shape – there are zero staff positives on both campuses, one staff member is in quarantine. On the Denver campus, there are zero student positives and five in quarantine. At Lincolnton, there’s one student positive and six in quarantine. There are 24 substitutes available in Denver and five in Lincolnton. 

Bryant’s proposal had all grades going to Plan A either on March 29 or April 12, offering families the option to opt into remote learning through the end of the school year. Senate Bill 220, the reopening bill doesn’t include charter schools. House Bill 324 was introduced late last week by Rep. Jason Saine, who has children at Lincoln Charter, and would allow charter schools to move to Plan A under the same stipulations as SB 220. 

The StrongSchoolsNC Toolkit that Lincoln Charter School has been working under which was developed in collaboration with N.C. Gov. Roy Cooper, the N.C. State Board of Education and the N.C. Department of Public Instruction still requires six feet of social distancing for middle to high school students.

The board voted unanimously to return to Plan A for the entire school on the Monday, March 29 if either the adoption of HB 324 occurs or the StrongSchoolsNC Toolkit being revised to allow three feet of social distancing on Friday, March 24. Otherwise, the school will return to full Plan A for all students on Monday, April 12.

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