LCS Expansion

Lincoln Charter School is set to begin expansion of their Lincolnton campus

Lincoln Charter School is ramping up for an expansion of the school’s Lincolnton campus. This has been an ongoing process that the school board and the foundation board have been exploring for over a year. Many of factors of this expansion are still in their infancy stages, however, the school has obtained a little over six acres adjacent to the school as well as the acquisition of 18 acres of property approximately a half mile from the school on Blossom Hill Road, which was purchased last August.

“We are growing by 50 students per year, which will result in a K-8 school that will be at capacity next year, will be at capacity K-9 the following year and so on for the next five years,” Lincoln Charter Schools chief administrator Jonathan Bryant said. “The long-range strategic plan for the school board is for that growth to occur. Part of that expansion is to accommodate that growth and to make sure we’re able to properly serve all of the students who will be enrolled after that five year stretch and into the future.”

The loan, which will be obtained through the USDA Community Facilities Programs, is currently in the underwriting phase, according to Bryant. Other details such as permitting and exploring traffic impact are still in their infancy stages.

“Once loan approval is finalized, we will begin the process of identifying and securing a contractor so that construction can begin,” Bryant said. “Because of the it is a federal loan, the contractor goes out for bid. In the process of approving the loan, the bids process will start.”

Phase 1 of the plan is the current structure that houses all middle and high school students and Phase 2 is an additional classroom wing that will adjoin the existing building, stretching out toward the existing high school student parking lot. 

“The other need is that our K-5 students are in nonpermanent buildings,” Bryant said. “As those buildings age and the maintenance on them doesn’t get any easier or cheaper, that becomes more of a need. Ultimately, those students, teachers and staff all deserve to be in a fully-functioning building.”

Bryant added that the architect will simultaneously work on plans for both of these components and will also consider the campus plan once all students are housed in permanent buildings. These plans are still in the development phase.  

Once final notice of financing and building plans has been received, Lincoln Charter School will host an information night to share additional information with the community. At this point the school does not have a definite timeline for financing approval, groundbreaking and construction. 

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