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After Battleground, Saine taught at Love Memorial “forever” and worked towards a master’s degree in reading education at Appalachian State University. Once she graduated, she became a reading specialist at West Lincoln Middle School for one year, then moved to North Brook in the same position. A year later, Norris S. Childers Elementary opened, Rusty Saine was named principal there so Kelly transferred as well.

“Except for when I was at Battleground, I’ve pretty much been in my home district,” she said. “We built a house further into the western side of the county so North Brook became our school district. When the lines changed, Childers became our school district. I stayed where my children were.”

The Saine’s oldest daughter, Sadie, is a health and PE teacher, softball coach and athletic director at Bunker Hill High School in Catawba County. The middle daughter, Chloe, who was award both the Park Scholarship and the Morehead-Cain Scholarship during her senior year at West. She’s currently a senior at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Their son, Andy, is a junior at West Lincoln High School.

At Norris Childers, Saine was the reading specialist before going back to the classroom to teach third and fourth grade. She then transferred to West Lincoln Middle as an instructional facilitator.

“I decided to add on my administration certificate that year,” she said. “Then when the assistant principal position opened at West Lincoln Middle, I applied for that and spent three years as assistant principal.”

With her promotion as principal of S. Ray Lowder, Saine has returned to an elementary school which is where she’s been for much of her career. When her children were young, administration wasn’t an option for her given her husband was already in administration. All three of their children were heavily involved in after school activities.

“Now I don’t have to run children around,” she said. “I was so excited when they told me I’d be coming to S. Ray Lowder. This was my husband got his first principal position and he loved it here. I’ve only heard positive things about this school,” she said. “There’s a lot of parent involvement. I’m humbled and excited to be the principal here at S. Ray Lowder. It really seems to be a wonderful place to be. The staff and community have been so welcoming and positive. That says a lot, especially after coming off such a challenging school year”

S. Ray Lowder’s former principal, Scott Carpenter, is now the principal at Lincolnton High School.

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