K9 Command

K9 Command owners Mark Connolly and Amy Henderson-Connolly and Tera at their new location in Vale.

Local dog trainers Mark Connolly and Amy Henderson-Connolly are preparing to move their business, K9 Command, from its current location in downtown Lincolnton to a new facility in the western side of the county. The business, which is currently a combination of dog training and retail sales, has been at the location on East Main Street in Lincolnton for more than four years. 

They’ll continue with their highly personalized dog training at the new location and plan to offer new types of group classes in the future. They will no longer offer retail sales except for basic training supplies and treats available to training clients.

“We live a mile and a half down the road so for family reasons it makes our lives a whole lot easier,” Connolly said.

They want to be able to spend more time with their children, Mackenzie and Landon, who are “growing up too fast.”

“We’re spending a lot of time in Lincolnton and when the kids have time off from school, they’re with us at work and it’s not really fair for them,” Henderson-Connolly said. “We want to be able to control our schedule a little bit better so that we can have time off and spend with them.”

The plan with this new location is to be able to offer different lessons in the evenings including a nose work class, which was very popular the last time they did it. With the close proximity of their home with some acreage, some lessons may be offered there as well.

“There are other things that we are forecasting to be doing in this area as well,” Connolly said. “Because we won’t have a store here, the new location in Vale will be by appointment only. That’s a big change for us. Sometimes we’re at the house training dogs or on a field trip at South Mountain or something training dogs.”

The couple primarily offers a combination of board and train and/or private lessons, which benefit people who either lack the faith that they can do the work themselves or those with busy lifestyles. They frequently train dogs owned by people living out of state.

“Whether you chose board and training or a private lesson, dog training is still your responsibility as a dog owner,” Connolly said. “We can’t wave a magic wand. No matter what we do, you still have to put the work in. With the board and train, we are laying the foundation for you. You have to maintain it, with our coaching.”

The location in Lincolnton will be closing the middle of June. The new location is located at 870 NC 18 in Vale but is open by appointment only. For more information on K9 Command’s offerings and to contact the trainers, either visit their web site at https://www.k9command.comor via their Facebook page.

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