Jason Munday

Former Lincolnton Police Department Lt. Jason Munday is seeking the Republican Party nomination in the race to elect a new Lincoln County sheriff. 

A former law enforcement officer has merged an entrepreneurial spirit with law enforcement skills and created a new business. Jason Munday, a former Lincolnton Police Department lieutenant, comes from a family of law enforcement officers and is the son of a retired Alcoholic Beverage Control agent.

“I ran for sheriff but when I didn’t get that I got my private investigator’s license and business license and opened up a private investigation, security and training business,” he said. “It was something that I was familiar with and I was going to use my experience, education and training that I had in law enforcement and open a business. I have relatives who have opened their own businesses and been successful so I thought it would be the next logical step and doing something that I really wanted to do.”

It’s not uncommon for former law enforcement officers to get their PI license, Munday said. 

“It’s the same thing, just a privatized form of it,” he said.

Munday offers a multitude of services through Spartan Secure Solutions, LLC, which opened in June. They offer private investigation for law firms to help with criminal defense or civil cases. They also do private investigations for individuals.

“We do a lot of infidelity or domestic cases involving adultery or cheating spouses,” he said. “We do child custody cases, fraud cases, background investigations for different doctor’s offices, property managers, nursing homes and other businesses or individuals. We serve civil process papers for law firms and offer private firearm and concealed-carry handgun classes.”

Electronic counter measuring is another important service that the business offers, which involves debugging offices or residences. They do event private security, church security training, dignitary and executive protection, covert surveillance and cold case investigation.

Munday is the lead investigator but he contracts with other private investigators as needed. He’s licensed to work throughout North Carolina and plans to get licensed to work in other states.

There’s special equipment that Munday had to use while he worked as a detective such as special cameras, recording equipment and GPS, all of which he had to purchase during start-up and now uses on a daily basis. 

“The prices on that equipment has come down a lot in the past 10 years,” he said. “When I was in undercover work and narcotics, the price was really high. You’ve got to have the equipment to do the job. Plus, you have to know the laws.”

This isn’t a 9 to five job, Munday works all hours of the day and his job is certainly not boring.

“It’s the American Dream, you’re never going to really make it until you do something on your own,” he said. “I thought I’d give it a try.”

Spartan Security Solutions, LLC can be reached by email at Jason@s3investigations.comor by calling (980) 241-6378. The website will be launched soon.

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