Running for a seat on the Lincoln County Board of Commissioners because he thinks he can “do a better job than the guys that are in there now” is Denver resident, Glenn Fiscus.

“I think I have the judgment, experience, sensibility, sensitivity, background and life experience to do that,” he said. “Education wise, I have a Bachelor of Science in chemical engineering, an MBA and professional engineering license. I’m also a registered real estate broker and have a bundle of continuing education and basically, life experience.”

Fiscus’ career has been in sales, marketing, engineering and construction, including remodeling of houses.

“I put a generator, the size of the McGuire Nuclear Station, online,” he said. “That’s a white-knuckle experience.”

With each proposal for a new residential or commercial development in Denver, the board is bombarded with concerns over traffic. Fiscus agrees that NCDOT can be a roadblock and has control over highways in the state of North Carolina. 

“First, that has to change,” he said. “The secretary of NCDOT should be an elected position, not an appointed one. The roads in Denver suck, we know that. We’re left with having to ask Jason Saine, our rep, and Sen. Alexander to put pressure on DOT. We also need to institute some highway restrictions in certain areas. For example, most states have restrictions where you can’t take a gasoline tanker down a residential neighborhood.”

Fiscus explained that there’s been a shortcut made from 150 down Slanting Bridge Road to St. James to get to the new 16.

“We’ve also got to start bombarding the governor’s office with messages telling him that we have problems over here and want something done,” he said. “We’re restricted in what we can do, but there are things that we can do. A squeaky wheel gets the oil and the more we can complain, the more likely that we’re going to have something fixed. We’ve got to do something about the position we’re in.”

With several high-dollar projects on the horizon, including a new courthouse and the expansion of the county jail, a capital reserve fund has been established for the excess tax revenues created by last year's property revaluation. The plan is for those revenues to be used to offset a portion of those multi-million-dollar projects, thus reducing the amount the county would need to borrow. 

“There seems to be a general agreement that we need a new courthouse,” he said. “While interest rates are low, we should do our borrowing. If we can get a 3% loan right now, we should do it to get the funding we need. We need to keep money in that reserve fund for emergencies. We need a plan and I don’t think there’s a working plan in effect for the county. If we don’t have a plan, west Lincoln County is going to look like Denver.”

Fiscus hopes that the design of the courthouse doesn’t have huge atriums which he believes are wasted space.

Other issues that Fiscus thinks are important include restricting development in Denver. This is due to all the complaints he hears about traffic and the sewer and water system. He believes there’s been too much development in that area and that the developers have taken at least $3 billion out of Denver.

“They’ve had a goldmine here,” he said. “We know our infrastructure can’t handle all this development. That gives us legal reason to stop the development. Martin Oakes is now putting up signs for widening and when he was on the board, he did nothing about it.”

He also said that the commissioners have to keep an eye on what’s going on in the school system because he’s heard from people that the schools in Denver aren’t as good as they (the school system) are bragging they are.

“Drugs are also a problem in the county,” he said. “I don’t know what the answer is to that.”

There are three one-stop early voting locations which open through Feb. 29 and with the primary election occurring on March 3.

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