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In her early retirement, Woody would keep children in her home for friends and family. These children all grew up and she was left with an empty nest. Woody has two grown children of her own. She relocated from Kentucky to North Carolina to be closer to her grandchildren. 

“Sometimes I wish I had more energy,” she said. “Keeping children keeps me energetic. Last week when the boys were away for a few days, I didn’t have any reason to get up out of the chair and go do something. I became stiff and I thought, I’ve got to keep moving with children.”

Two staff members from Lincoln County Department of Social Services visited the church that Woody attended one Sunday to talk about foster care.

“I and one other girl and another couple decided that we would help,” Woody said. “I was the only one out of the three of us that ended up going to the classes. The more I learned about it, the more I realized that this was what I had to do.”

Like with all foster children, Woody got that call out of the blue asking if she would be able to take these children. Like all foster parents, she had to do the mass scramble to get supplies. She’s got a strong network at her church and they helped her out with supplies. They bought new car seats, brought her clothing that their own children had outgrown, and another member gave her a double stroller.

“Because I had two boys, they were just like they were my own children,” she said. “I would end up calling them my sons’ names so often because they were so like them. Everyone fell in love with them no matter where we went. Everybody was their best friend.”

Woody highly recommends that anyone who even has a remote interest in fostering to look into it and open up their hearts and homes. She has absolutely no regrets in making the decision to become a foster parent. Foster families are few and far between. A single person is more than able to be a foster parent and age may not an issue. For more information on fostering, call (704) 736-8831.

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