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The Lincolnton City Council discussed an application from Townhomes at Lincoln Country Club, LLC requesting a conditional-use permit to increase the approved number of townhomes from 33 units to 39 at the regular meeting held on Thursday, Jan. 9.

While an application from Townhomes at Lincoln Country Club, LLC requesting a conditional-use permit to increase the approved number of townhomes from 33 units to 39 was on the agenda, it didn’t get approved by Lincolnton City Council members at the regular meeting held on Thursday, Jan. 9.

“It’s hard to find a place to live in Lincolnton right now,” Mayor Pro Tem Dr. Martin A. Eaddy said. “That’s a good thing and I generally support the idea of making this a little bit bigger, but I’m not interested in surrendering the kind of quality standards we’ve had across the city.”

Council concerns were numerous. First, neighbors to the development have been notified of any planning changes throughout the years, but the project has been in the works since 2006, when a conditional-use rezoning was approved to allow a 33-unit condominium at a density of approximately 6.27 units per acre. No neighbors showed up for this meeting and Eaddy thought they didn’t respond because they didn’t realize that such a dramatic change was taking place. 

In addition, the site plans showed the units with clapboard siding, which would make them look nonconforming with the rest of the neighborhood homes which are predominately constructed with brick. Finally, the trees which were in the original site plan to be used as screening had to be removed due to grading issues which factor in to make this development more noticeable to neighbors which was a concern if they were not brick-sided. Also, the site plan in general was not as detailed as the council wanted to see.

Council voted to table the matter until the February meeting. The developer agreed to provide a more detailed site plan and to have the townhomes sided in brick or some other type of masonry to make the development more uniform with the rest of the area. 

An application for Smart Growth Incentive Grant in the amount of $4,692.04 to upfit the former Eureka Mill for a new brewery at 414 East Water Street was approved unanimously by council members. The Smart Growth Incentive Grant program provides a grant to the property owner based on the increased tax value of the building or site after competition of renovation or new construction project. The current tax value of this property is $162,136. The post construction tax value is roughly estimated to be $1 million.

An application for a Business Incentive Grant in the amount of $15,000 for building renovations to accommodate a general store space at 317 East Main Street was also approved. The application was from Jonathan Burton of Burton Farms in Lincoln County. The plan is to operate a Burton Farms General Store at the location. The anticipated date for completion is April 1, 2020.

Other business included three applications being approved to be called for public hearing on Feb. 6:

  • An application from Brian and Marie Kenyon requesting a conditional use permit approval to operate a brewery, distillery, taproom and live event space to property located at 124 East Water Street. 
  • An application from Dama and Kevin Chopleas requesting rezoning of land from Residential to Conditional Use General Business to construct a shop and operate a sign/design business at 1361 South Aspen Street.
  • An application from Ronald Barger requesting rezoning of land located at 1169 West N.C. Highway 150 from Neighborhood Business to Conditional Use General Business to construct and operate an automobile repair shop.

City Manager Steve Zickefoose provided an update on the Roots, LLC restaurant project. Zickefoose’s original plan was to present a finalized lease agreement, but because of the need for some asbestos review, it couldn’t be done in time. It was agreed by council members to utilize the services of Gilleland Realty as leasing agent and property manager for the property.

The retirement of Chuck McGinley who began his employment with the City of Lincolnton on Sept. 1, 1999 as a Police Officer with the Lincolnton Police Department was honored and recognized.

Three police officers from the Lincolnton Police Department were recognized for receiving Law Enforcement Certificates – Ray Fulbright received an intermediate Law Enforcement Certificate and Sgt. Tiffany Cline and Randy Carroll received Advanced Law Enforcement Certificates.

The next meeting of the Lincolnton City Council will be on Thursday, Feb. 6 in council chambers at City Hall in Lincolnton.

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