David Wilson Brown

David Wilson Brown

There is one month until Election Day, when McAdenville Democrat David Wilson Brown will attempt to unseat Rep. Patrick McHenry, whose tenure as Lincoln County’s representative in Congress is approaching 15 years. 

Brown, who works as an information technology consultant specializing in business productivity, graduated from Appalachian State University with a bachelor’s degree in political science and communication studies. While attending Appalachian State, Brown interned on Capitol Hill for Congresswoman Sue Myrick, but that’s the extent of his experience in politics. 

Brown made a stop in Lincoln County last month for a town hall meeting, in which he says healthcare was the number one topic on people’s minds that night. 

“The healthcare costs are getting astronomical and, while the (Affordable Care Act) wasn’t perfect, it was an attempt to make things better,” Brown said. “The things that have been done by Republicans to hobble the ACA because they don’t want it, have made things worse for everybody, not just those who were benefiting from it. All of this has led me to the conclusion that we have to move fully in on Medicare for all. We, as a country, would actually save money if we moved to a single-payer system and it would increase access for so many people. I get frustrated with those on the right who don’t feel as though healthcare for all should be a right.”

Perhaps unsurprisingly, McHenry’s stance on healthcare falls on the opposite end of the spectrum compared to Brown’s ideology. McHenry, a Denver Republican, has been critical of the Affordable Care Act since its inception and has instead advocated for a free-market approach to health insurance. 

Another priority for Brown that was discussed during his town hall in Lincoln County last month is his desire for a living wage for all. Brown criticized the current welfare systems in place that make it so that, for some, it doesn’t make financial sense to get a job.

“I agree with conservative friends of mine who are of the mindset that the government should not be giving their tax dollars to anybody and especially those who aren’t working,” Brown said. “The thing is that so many people are caught in that process and it doesn’t make sense for them to work because of the systems that are in place and the amount that they would lose in that situation. I think our corporations, which are making record profits mind you, should be able to afford to pay people a living wage and we saw that with Amazon this week. These are things that we have to push forward because that’s what’s going to make a huge difference in our society so that people can do what the Republicans only talk about, which is pull yourself up by the bootstraps. You can’t do that if you’re not able to earn a living wage.”

Brown told the Times-News that McHenry has agreed to debate him ahead of next month’s election and will do so on Oct. 23 at noon in Asheville during a luncheon hosted by the Council of Independent Business Owners. 

Brown plans to be in Lincoln County on Oct. 20 and then again the following Saturday for the Apple Festival. Visit www.dwb4congress.com for more information on Brown’s campaign.

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