Landen Johnson with Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office detectives.

When Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office deputies heard the story of Landen Johnson’s fascination with law enforcement and crime scene investigations, officers went into action to make that happen. Landen has a rare form of dwarfism that affects only one in every 4,000,000 births. Landen’s specific form of primordial dwarfism is Ligase 4 deficiency, which affects the immune system. Unlike other types of dwarfism, his body is perfectly proportionate, according to a press release from the Sheriff’s Office.

On May 21, The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office promoted Landen, age 9, to the rank of honorary detective. Detective Landen started his day out completing paperwork in his new office and was dispatched shortly to a breaking and entering crime scene set up at the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office. Landen responded to the scene promptly, where he started his investigation. He examined the scene, took photographs, marked items for evidence, conducted measurements, and collected fingerprints and DNA samples from the crime scene. Landen was able to collect enough evidence at the scene to lead him to the identity of a suspect. Landen then located and apprehended the suspect.

Landen’s job was not finished for the day. Shortly after, he was dispatched to a drone operation in which he operated the Sheriff’s Office drone to conduct a surveillance operation. He then inspected the Sheriff’s Office Special Operations fleet, which included the MRAP Armored Rescue Vehicle, SWAT Equipment Vehicle, Mobile Command Center and Dive Team vehicle. At the end of the day, Landen was presented with his honorary detective shirt, nameplate and crime scene kit so that he may continue his investigations.

The day wrapped up over lunch with all of his new detective co-workers.  The Lincoln County Sheriff's Office would like to thank Honorary Detective Landen Johnson for his hard work and dedication. 

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