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Members of the Boger City Fire Department who were honored during the department's annual awards banquet (l-r) Mark Carpenter, Roger Williams, Hunter Carpenter, Randy Beal, Jordan Cook, Floyd Peeler, Joe Cline, Jason Ingle and Nicky James. 

The Boger City Fire Department (BCFD) held its annual awards banquet Saturday. The event honored members of the department with long time service and its staff and volunteers who went above and beyond to serve.

Floyd Peeler retired after 50 years of service as a volunteer. According Chief Mitch Burgin, during Peeler’s last few years of service, he was responsible for responding to the fire station when other firefighters went out on a call, making sure the station was secure or answering phones.

Randy Beal was honored for 42 years of service. Although he’s threatened to hang it up, according to Burgin, he’s still very active in the department.

“He’s one I can count on when we get a call and we’re all gone,” Burgin said. “Randy will come back to the station and respond if we get another call. So he’s a big help.”

Mark Carpenter received the Chief’s Award for his “willingness to serve during critical times.” Carpenter was a volunteer for 15 years before the decision was made to employ part time staff. Anytime there was a snow, flood, hurricane or someone was out sick, Carpenter offered to help, while also working a full time job.

“He always steps up during critical times,” Burgin said.

Joe Cline, was awarded Volunteer Firefighter of the Year. Cline is a member of the Lincoln County Swiftwater Rescue Team which was deployed to Eastern NC after last year’s hurricanes. Cline also volunteered to travel to Emmitsburg, MD to attend a weekend training school at the National Fire Academy.

Capt. Jason Ingle, has served the longest of the six full time firefighters at BCFD and was awarded Career Firefighter of the Year.

“I lean on him a lot,” Burgin said. Ingle has assisted with writing grants and is responsible for equipment maintenance.

Nicky James, Burgin’s Assistant Chief, was awarded Officer of the Year. He juggles the tasks of scheduling 15 part time staff members and his duties as training officer.

“They’re both very good, experienced firefighters and I don’t have to worry about them when they’re there,” Burgin said. “They know their business. They’re like my right hand and my left hand.”

2018 Statistics:

974 Emergency Responses, 45 Structure Fires, Fire Loss $575,000, no injuries.

Awards and retirements:

Floyd Peeler, 50 years of service as a Volunteer Firefighter.  

Roger Williams 18 years of service as Secretary on the BCFD Board

Career Firefighter of the Year: Jason Ingle

Volunteer Firefighter of the Year: Joe Cline

Officer of the Year: Nicky James

Most Emergency Responses: Hunter Carpenter

Most Training (Volunteer):Jordan Cook

Most Training (Career):Adam Smith

“Chief’s Awards”:

Completing 42 Years of Service: Randy Beal

“Willingness to Serve during Critical Times”: Mark Carpenter

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