The most recent press release sent out by the Lincoln County Department of Health on Wednesday, Aug. 5, indicated that there have been eight deaths in the county related to COVID-19. Lincoln County strives to provide the most up to date, accurate, and appropriate data related to COVID-19.  As this epidemic continues to unfold, we are continuously assessing the degree of the data reported at the local level.  This requires a level of balance between protecting the health of the public and individual privacy, all while remaining transparent with our community.   

As more citizens are recommended to seek COVID-19 testing and more concentrated testing is recommended in congregate living facilities with an outbreak, we will continue to see a rise in the number of active cases for Lincoln County.  Concentrated testing is recommended weekly during an outbreak in congregate living facilities such as nursing homes, residential care facilities and correctional facilities for all staff and residents/inmates.  A COVID-19 outbreak is defined as two confirmed positive cases related to a facility.  An outbreak is not considered over until there is no evidence of continued transmission; this is determined when 28 days have passed without a new reported case. Because there is the potential for rapid spread in these facilities, the health department continues to provide guidance on investigation and control measures to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 within the local congregate living facilities. 

Of the eight total deaths, five are associated with congregate living facilities in Lincoln County based on data entered into a state surveillance database. Cardinal Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center has had a total of three cases, all staff members, with no deaths. Lincolnton Rehabilitation Center has had six cases, all staff and one resident for a total of seven cases, and no deaths. The Addison of Lincolnton has had seven staff cases with one death and 19 resident cases and five deaths. 

This information is updated twice a week on the NCDHHS website.   

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