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Untapped Territory in Lincolnton will be expanding into the space next door.

The bar that has made itself a valuable part of the neighborhood will be expanding. Untapped Territory, a craft beer taproom, opened on Aug. 10, 2018 and has since become a favorite hangout for locals and visitors alike.

“We’ve been so fortunate in that we were the first ones, there’s always that advantage and we know that,” co-owner Marie Kenyon said. “We’ve also been fortunate that the customers, the town and our neighbors have been so receptive. We’re really grateful. Sometimes you think like, ‘oh, we’re the new ones on the block and maybe the novelty will wear off,’ but the novelty hasn’t worn off. People really enjoy it and we enjoy them.”

Untapped is co-owned by Brian and Marie Kenyon, who recently relocated to Lincolnton from Cornelius in July and their three sons, Adrian, Bones (who also work at the bar and live in town) and Matt, the oldest son who started out working at the bar but now lives in Charlotte with his girlfriend.

The bar does not sell food, but food trucks make regular appearances at Untapped.

“In the very beginning, it was a lot of cold calling trying to entice them to come,” Kenyon said. “In general, the food truck owners weren’t familiar with Lincolnton so there was a little bit of selling of the opportunity on my part.”

There’s almost always something going on at Untapped. Tuesday is trivia night, Wednesday night brings the bottle shop sale, usually with an accompanying food truck. Thursday is bingo night and Friday and Saturday have live music. 

Inside the bar is plenty of comfortable seating. There’s also an outside patio with heaters and below the patio in the grass is a fire pit. 

“Over the weekend, if it’s not raining, they can hang out at the fire pit,” Kenyon said. “When people smoke or if they bring their dogs, they love to have the outside space. That was what was key to choosing this location was the outside space.”

Untapped will be expanding into what was Bennett’s Iron Station Thunder next door. 

“It’s a big space and when we heard the end of October that they were vacating, our landlord gave us first right of refusal, we jumped on it,” Kenyon said. “Not that we hadn’t dreamed of expanding but then it was dropped in our laps. We’re excited because it’ll enable us to expand on what we already do with music and maybe special events.”

The back section where the roll up door is near the existing patio could be used if it’s raining, Kenyon added, and the front space could be used for private events.

“Almost from the beginning, very soon after we opened, we were approached for rehearsal dinners and private parties,” she said. “Rehearsal dinners are almost always on Fridays and Fridays and Saturdays are our biggest nights. Without having a separate room, we weren’t able to accommodate that. I hated to tell them no.”

It was during their one-year anniversary party that the Kenyons realized they really could use more space. Even with the entertainment that they offer during the week, it’s usually just one or two musicians because they don’t have a stage. 

“We just can’t say enough about Lincolnton,” she said. “It’s been great and we’re happy our customers like coming here.”

Untapped Territory is located at 118 East Water Street in Lincolnton. For more information, visit their Facebook page, call (704) 240-3126 or email them at untappedterritory@gmail.com

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