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St. James Elementary student Miller Oliphant.

Named after writer Ernest Miller Hemingway, a third-grade student at St. James Elementary School, Miller Oliphant has published his first book, “The Adventures of Melo: The Case of the Lost Toy.”

“I just wanted to write a book,” he said. “I want to have my own business and make a lot of money.”

His mother, Ashley Oliphant is a published writer and Miller came to her one day with a stack of paper that was the draft of his first story. 

“I was floored,” she said. “I had no idea he was working on it. He developed characters and dialog. It had a beginning, a middle and an end. It had a problem to be solved. He had grown up seeing me writing and was just absorbing what I was doing.”

Oliphant cleaned up the grammar, Miller’s grandmother Beth Yarborough did the illustrations, Miller did the coloring and “The Adventures of Melo” was completed. It’s the first of the upcoming 150 Milo books. Miller has a draft of his second book in process and with his boundless energy, writing another 150 books seems entirely possible for him.

Miller’s first book tells the story of Milo who loses his favorite toy the day before his family moves. In the story, Melo works to find his toy before the moving truck heads out. The book consists of 12 glossy pages, paperback with staple.

Miller loves Legos and if it doesn’t work out for him as an author, he’d like to be an architect, or maybe own his own pizza parlor. No matter what he sets his mind to do, Ashley Oliphant is sure he’ll accomplish it.

“We have a business and when we go to festivals, we’ll let him have an area of our table,” she said. “He’ll meet customers and tell about his story. He’s learning how much the books cost, how much he makes in profit and how much he needs to save and reinvest in his business.”

Miller received recognition at the most recent Lincoln County Board of Education meeting and is receiving many requests to appear before classes at Lincoln County Schools to read his book. In addition to his mother, there have been two teachers at St. James who have helped Miller with both his reading and writing, Jami Hensley and Melissa Culp.

The book is for sale online at Miller also accompanies his mother to festivals and sells his book there.

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