Lincoln County’s senior population now has a sparkling new facility to call home. A huge crowd attended the grand opening last Friday and the center is now open for business. Lincoln County Senior Services has been at the location at Gaston College since it opened in 1999. 

“As they years progressed and the groups started getting larger and larger, we started noticing more of the barriers such as the heavy doors, stairs and the elevator locations weren’t conducive for people using walkers or canes,” director Kathryn Saine said. “The county’s getting older. Eventually ages 65 and above are going to outnumber 18- to 20-year-olds so the county knew they needed to do something.”

The search for new space began in 2016. After considering several potential locations, the space on Center Drive in Lincolnton was selected. Work began on the 17,000-square-foot space in January.

The combo reception/waiting area is very large with comfortable seating available. There are numerous classrooms, exercise areas including a fully equipped weight room, a cardio room, a library, a card room, craft area, meeting rooms, a banquet room, a computer room and kitchen. Most of the space is also available for rent to the community on weekends and after hours.

“One of the goals of the senior center is to prevent depression and isolation, so if we can get people to come to the center and socialize, we can hopefully do that,” Saine said. “We want to be a fun place to be. We hope to make the game room sort of like a ‘man cave.’ We have a lot of women who come to the center but men are a little bit different. They’re a harder nut to crack so we thought if we offered them things that they would like to do, we might see more gentlemen coming in.”

Lincoln County Senior Services provides information and assistance by telephone or office visits to older adults, their families and others acting on behalf of older adults in an effort to acquire information about programs and services and to obtain the best services to meet their needs.

For more information or call (704) 736-8410. The new senior center is located at 612 Center Drive in Lincolnton. There is no fee to use the center for Lincoln County residents aged 60 and older.

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