Rick Ramseur performs a magic act for children at the Ramseur family Christmas program.

As far as Rick Ramseur knows, the Ramseur family Christmas program held at First Presbyterian Church in Lincolnton began in 1975.  

“It was the brainchild of my mother (Sue Ramseur) who attributed her inspiration to the story about the little drummer boy who had no material gift to present to the Baby Jesus so he played his drum to the delight of all who were gathered,” he said. “For the last 44 years people have gathered at First Presbyterian Church on Christmas morning to sing a song, play an instrument, read a poem, tell a short story, juggle some balls or share some other talent in honor of the Christ child.”

This is a fun, informal event. Often times, children will come in their pajamas, Ramseur said.  No formal sermon is delivered, and no money offering is ever taken up. There’s always a magic act as part of the program put on by Ramseur, the magician.  

“It's like a special birthday party for the Baby Jesus,” he said. “Everyone in the community is invited.  It's not just for our church members and everyone is not expected to perform, only those who want to.”

There’s always a small band to accompany the congregation with several favorite Christmas carols.  

“For many people who are alone, Christmas morning can be a sad time,” Ramseur said. “We hope these people will come join us for what we feel will be a very special and enjoyable celebration of the birth of Christ.”

The program begins at 10:30 a.m. on Christmas morning.  For more information people can call Ramseur at (704) 735-7287. First Presbyterian Church is located at 114 West Main Street in Lincolnton.

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