Westwinds Park, which will be part of the property that was donated to the county on which the new West Lincoln Library was constructed, will start to take shape. The library is now open and soon there will be a passive park on the adjacent property.

“We don’t have a neighborhood park in this section of the county,” John Davis, director of Lincoln County Parks and Recreation said. “It’s always a great plus for us to be able to fill a gap that we have in this area. It’s designed and meant to be a passive park for walking and other activities. It’s not an athletic, baseball, soccer field type of park. It’s meant to be a space to go hand in hand with the library. We want folks to come and visit the library and also visit the park.”

When it’s complete, the park will feature a kilometer-long, paved walking trail. It’ll incorporate the open space, but also wind through the wooded area on the property. There’ll be reading nooks and benches throughout the trail, a program structure and restroom facilities along with a multi-generational playground which will feature play elements for various ages as well as some fitness stations that adults can make use of. 

“The big feature of the park is making use of the open space,” Davis said. “When it’s complete, there will be a large, central lawn space that will be surrounded by seating areas and reading nooks. The lawn space will be available for us to schedule programs and community events. Movies in the park is something we’ve got planned at this location.”

Phase 1 construction, which includes the paved walking trails, entryway plaza space and restrooms, should start relatively soon and may be completed early next spring, according to Davis. The other elements of the park will start to be designed this year.

“We’re going to be working directly with the library staff to provide programs in the space,” he said. “We’re excited about that future partnership. I think we’ll have a beautiful space out there when the entire property is developed.”

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