Walter Finley

Local singer-songwriter Walter Finley has been playing regularly at Untapped Territory in Lincolnton and is in the process of releasing an extended play CD.

Like a modern-day troubadour, Walter Finley sang his way from the Hamptons to South Carolina and now Lincoln County. He’s currently in the midst of playing at CD release parties both in Lincolnton and throughout the region. The singer/songwriter, who has become a Friday night regular at Untapped Territory in Lincolnton, moved to Denver a year ago from South Carolina. Originally from New York, Finley traveled around the southeast playing at clubs and bars to make a living.

His recently released extended play record, “While the Sun Still Shines,” has been many years in the making.

“I’m feeling a mix of emotions,” Finley said. “It’s so much work and time, from the conception of the song and to the development. It’s like having a child, we raise them and get them ready to send out to the world. It’s a big part of you and you’re exposing your heart and personal thoughts.”

“While the Sun Still Shines” was recorded with out-of-state producers. Finley is now working with Aaron Meier, chief engineer at Sound Factory, to record many of his songs, both those he wrote years ago as well as newer ones.

While living in New York, Finley played at many popular clubs in the Hamptons. Moving to the Carolinas required that he change the type of music that he played. This new repertoire of indie/country music enabled Finley to pick up the acoustic guitar again. 

“I feel like God has blessed me for the life I’ve had and all the dues I’ve paid with this beautiful place here,” Finley said. “It’s like I was meant to be here. The people are really nice. I watch all my friends in New York and sometimes I feel like I missed out but when you look around Lincolnton and you see who’s here and what’s going on – there’s so much talent and a wonderful music community happening. I couldn’t have picked a better place if I tried.”

Finley plays at many locations throughout the area including at Untapped Territory in Lincolnton. To check his schedule, visit his Facebook page, “Walter Finley Music” or his web site

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