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“The only think I knew about was sales,” he said. “I decided to sit down and write a couple of pages a day about my experiences in sales.”

That’s what he did. He not only wrote the book, but he also designed the cover. This was before digital book printing so it was all done manually and sent to a printer.

“When I got it back, it was awful,” he said. “The content was okay, but it looked awful. I decided I couldn’t sell it, and nobody ever saw it.”

He still has copies of that book and uses the pages to set fires with.

Later, he wrote another book in collaboration with Mike Owen who also lives in Lincolnton. This book was on what happened to the Apostilles of Christ after the crucifixion. 

“It was a little, thin book and we sold a bunch of them by talking at local churches,” he said. “We sold four of them in a bookstore.”

Approximately 10 years ago, Payseur decided to try his hand at fiction. Now retired, Payseur has the luxury of plenty of time to write and utilizes Amazon’s print on demand services, so the expense of publishing is minimal.

His most recent book which is his third, “Insurgents” was released in September. It tells the story of a chance meeting at a local coffee shop, where it was evident to the main characters that there was an instant, mutual chemistry. Neither could have imagined what it would lead to. Then two things happened. They fell in love, spending most of their time at a cabin in the southern Appalachian Mountains. Then they fell down the rabbit hole. A journey that started with an anonymous web presence that quickly became wildly popular.

Aided by anonymous informants who seemed to move easily between the dark web and secret government agencies, they found themselves in a world of militias, cyber-attacks, kidnapping, theft, and death threats. Their lives depended on staying two steps ahead of the bad actors who were searching for them.

“I knew when I started out what the book was going to be about and how it was going to end,” he said. “The rest of the time was figuring out how to lead up to the ending. Once I got into it, everything started to flow.”

Payseur weaves a story of how it all began, bringing in a diverse cast of characters who often are at odds with each other’s goals. Some will not make it, and none are certain what the future holds.

“I decided to do short chapters on each of the characters,” he said. “It’s about right-wing militias and the two characters, Sterling and Cam who meet at the coffee shop. They get annoyed by these right-wing militias, so they decided to try to interfere with them.”

This first book, Insurgents, sets the stage for what is to come, should Payseur decide to do a sequel. 

“Insurgents” is available on Amazon.

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