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A Lincolnton man and his side kick Jimmy are building an online YouTube presence with DIY tips, tricks and reviews. Patrick Parson has been doing YouTube videos for about six years now. 

“I always liked building things and any time I want to do something new, I’d go out and watch videos,” he said. “After I made some things, I thought, ‘why don’t I start making videos? I think I’ve got some stuff to share.’ One of the things that I do that I’ve never seen on any other DIY, woodworking or maker videos, is I’ve got a puppet assistant who’s in some of my videos.”

The puppet, named Jimmy, is a “Muppet Whatnot.” Patrick modified him by adding a beard, glasses and a shirt with a name badge. Jimmy’s appearance is based loosely off Jimmy Diresta who also does YouTube videos. 

In adding Jimmy to his video, Parsons shoots the scenes with Jimmy in them separate from those that he’s in and merges them together in the final editing process. Jimmy has a northeastern accent, somewhat similar to Diresta’s.

“I got into a YouTube kick where I watched it and really wasn’t even watching television anymore,” Parson said. “I think these days, especially with young guys, they don’t know how to make things as much as guys 30 or 40 years ago. My dad showed me quite a few things and I just want to share some of the stuff that I know with younger guys. That’s a lot of my audience. I get comments from guys who are just setting up their workshops and starting to do projects. I’m not an expert on anything so any project I do is an adventure.”

Parson, whose real job is as a project manager in IT, never starts out a DIY project saying he’s an expert. Rather, he’s going to try something and invites viewers to follow along with him and see how it turns out.

When Patrick Parson and his wife moved from Huntersville to Lincolnton in July, he had to adapt to a smaller workshop, but he’s been upfitting it to suit his purposes.

“I’ve loved every part of this,” he said. “From learning how to make the video, how to shoot it to make sure I’m really telling the story right. I love editing it. I like the Jimmy part. It’s definitely been more of an encouragement for me to get out here and do more projects.”

Parson’s YouTube channel can be found by searching for Patrick Parson Workshop. To date, he has almost 100 videos to view.            

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